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Glazed Terracotta is a block that was added in update 1.12. It is available in the 16 traditional Minecraft dye colors.


Glazed terracotta can be obtained by first Dyeing a Terracotta block with any color of dye. Place the colored terracotta into a Furnace, and smelt it into glazed terracotta. The different colors all have different shapes and designs, which make them great at decorating many architectural structures in Minecraft. They can also be found as a building block in some village houses. Mason Villagers will sell glazed terracotta in exchange for Emeralds.


The glazed terracotta is used for decoration. It can be placed in 4 directions: North, South, West, and East. A 2×2 pattern when the opposite blocks in the 2×2 grid are placed in opposite directions (e.g. northwest is placed north; southeast, south; NE, east; and SW, west).


  • Interestingly, smelting terracotta into glazed terracotta yields no experience as a reward which makes it a mainly cosmetic procedure.
  • Glazed terracotta has a lower blast resistance than its non-glazed counterpart. Terracotta has a blast resistance of 21, but glazed terracotta has a blast resistance of 7.
  • It is possible to find glazed terracotta in underwater ruins which were added in 1.13 - The Update Aquatic.
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