This article contains content about features that are unused, but are still in the current code.
These features may only be obtainable through commands, or even only mods.
Health Points: 100HP (50x Heart)
Attack Strength: 50HP (25x Heart)
Location: External Editors, /summon
First Appearance: Classic 0.30
Indev 0.31
Reintroduced:Snapshot 12w36a
Network ID: 53
Experience Points: 5
Technical Name minecraft:giant


A Giant, or Giant Zombie, is an extremely large, hostile mob. Their model first appeared in Survival Test, but was abandoned. Giants were originally neutral mobs, and did not attack a Player without incite. This was likely due to their near-boss physique and health. They have the same appearance as a zombie, but are six times larger. Before their AI was removed in 1.8, their only method of attack was to charge endlessly at a player. Giants have 50 hearts total, half of the Ender Dragon's, but still equally deadly. They are capable of being spawned with the /summon command (since 1.7), and third-party programs such as SinglePlayerCommands (SPC), but they cannot spawn naturally, due to requiring a light level of both greater than 11 and less than 8. They can ride in minecarts, which will cause a bug where the giant appears to levitate above the minecart while sitting on nothing. The hitbox on the model itself only includes the giant's legs, waist and stomach; any attacks that make contact above this point will not cause damage, or even hit it.

Giants have made a re-introduction into Minecraft, however, they still cannot be created naturally. In snapshot 13w36a, giants can be summoned via the /summon command and mods.

In addition to Minecraft: Java Edition', they were in the Xbox 360 release. However, their AI is removed, and right now they can only be spawned with their spawn egg (which can only be obtained via external modifications).

Trying to spawn a giant with a spawn egg will crash the game (except in the Xbox 360 release).



The following video was made by Notch, testing out giants on February 4, 2010.

Very first test run of giants on minecraft

Very first test run of giants on minecraft

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