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The Mojang Studios' Get Satisfaction page was a mostly community-run site where people could submit ideas, problems, praise, and questions. Their posts could then be commented on by fellow players or Mojang Studios' staff.[1]

Mojang Studios' Get Satisfaction page was originally created by Notch in November 2010 to make fans stop submitting ideas to his Twitter,[2] but was abandoned shortly after. The site was sporadically updated by Jeb and other Mojang team members.

Get Satisfaction is a customer community software platform for technical support that is used by many companies to enable their customers to ask, suggest, praise and report problems.[3] It was founded on January 31, 2007 by several people, including Lane Becker,[4] Amy Muller, Thor Muller,[3] and Jonathan Grubb, and was publicly launched in September 2007.[5]


On February 8, 2012, Kappische posted that Mojang Studios' Get Satisfaction page was closing down, and that its users should move to Minecraft Forums and Mojang Studios' new help page. During Marc's AMA on Reddit, he stated that "Even though numerous questions were answered there, the players deserved a full, professional, company-supported help system."[6]


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