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Gabriel is the hero who showed up at Endercon, and the part of the Order of the Stone.


Gabriel wears an armor with a blue tinge in most parts. He is dark-skinned, but his beard seems to stand out. He has dark eyebrows and brown eyes. It is unknown if he has hair or not.


Gabriel is friendly, and is considered to be one of the best characters in the story. He is the warrior who dealt the said "killing blow" to the Ender Dragon, according to Soren.


  • The Wither Storm is programmed to follow Gabriel's amulet.
  • Dave Fennoy, who voiced Gabriel in Minecraft Story Mode, also voiced Lee Everett in The Walking Dead.
    • Gabriel gets Wither Sickness (depending on the choices whether you rescue him or Petra), which is similar to what Lee Everett gets when he gets bitten by a walker.
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