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A froglight is a light-emitting block that is obtained when a frog eats a tiny magma cube. It comes in three variants based on the variant of frog that eats the magma cube.



Froglights drop as an item when broken with any tool or by hand. No tool will cause the froglight to break faster.[1]

Block Froglight
Hardness 0.3
Breaking time (secs)
Default 0.45

Mob loot[]

A tiny magma cube drops a froglight when it is eaten by a frog. There are three colors of froglight that drop depending on what type of frog kills the magma cube:

Frog type Froglight color
Warm Pearlescent
Temperate Ochre
Cold Verdant


Froglights have a smooth texture and are used as light sources. They emit light level 15, the highest level possible for a light-emitting block. Froglights also melt snow layers within 3 blocks and ice within 4 blocks (taxicab distance).

Froglights can be placed in three different orientations, similar to logs and basalt.


Java Edition:

SoundSubtitlesSourceDescriptionResource locationTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
Block brokenBlocksOnce the block has brokenblock.froglight.breaksubtitles.block.generic.break0.80.816
Block placedBlocksWhen the block is placedblock.froglight.placesubtitles.block.generic.place0.80.816
Block breakingBlocksWhile the block is in the process of being brokenblock.froglight.hitsubtitles.block.generic.hit0.20750.6516
None[sound 1]Entity-DependentFalling on the block with fall damageblock.froglight.fallNone[sound 1]0.50.7516
FootstepsEntity-DependentWalking on the blockblock.froglight.stepsubtitles.block.generic.footsteps0.151.016
  1. a b MC-177082

Bedrock Edition:

SoundSourceDescriptionResource locationVolumePitch
BlocksOnce the block has brokenbreak.froglight1.01.0
BlocksWhen the block is placedbreak.froglight1.00.8-1.0
BlocksWhile the block is in the process of being brokenstep.froglight0.831.3
BlocksFalling on the block with fall damagestep.froglight0.41.0
BlocksWalking on the blockstep.froglight0.171.0
BlocksJumping from the blockstep.froglight0.121.0
BlocksFalling on the block without fall damagestep.froglight0.141.0

Data values[]


Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID FormItem ID[i 1]Translation key
Pearlescent Froglightpearlescent_froglight724Block & Giveable Item[i 2]Identical[i 3]tile.pearlescent_froglight.name
Verdant Froglightverdant_froglight725Block & Giveable Item[i 2]Identical[i 3]tile.verdant_froglight.name
Ochre Froglightochre_froglight726Block & Giveable Item[i 2]Identical[i 3]tile.ochre_froglight.name
  1. ID of block's direct item form, which is used in savegame files and addons.
  2. a b c Available with /give command.
  3. a b c The block's direct item form has the same id as the block.

Block states[]

See also: Block states

Java Edition:

Name Default value Allowed values Description
axisy xThe froglight is oriented east–west.
yThe froglight is oriented vertically.
zThe froglight is oriented north–south.

Bedrock Edition:

NameMetadata Bits Default value Allowed valuesValues for
Metadata Bits
y x1The froglight is oriented east–west.
y0The froglight is oriented vertically.
z2The froglight is oriented north–south.


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS4)
PS4 Other
With our powers combined!Have all 3 froglights in your inventoryAcquire at least one of each pearlescent, verdant, and ochre froglights in your inventory at the same time.30GGold


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
Advancement-fancy-rawWith Our Powers Combined!
Have all Froglights in your inventory When the Squad Hops into TownHave a Pearlescent, Ochre, and Verdant Froglight in your inventory.husbandry/froglights


Java Edition
1.1922w11aPearlescent Froglight JE1Verdant Froglight JE1Ochre Froglight JE1 Added pearlescent, verdant, and ochre froglights. when placing or breaking the froglight are now less loud.
Bedrock Edition
Wild Update
beta Froglight BE1Verdant Froglight BE1Ochre Froglight BE1 Added pearlescent, verdant, and ochre froglights behind the "Wild Update" experimental toggle.
beta Froglight BE2Verdant Froglight BE2Ochre Froglight BE2 Tweaked the froglight textures.
Froglights are no longer randomly rotated.
Froglights can now be placed sideways.
1.19.0beta are now available without enabling experimental gameplay.


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  • According to a Block of the Month article, froglights are organic substances since they’re live organisms that have been digested and then spat out by a frog, revealing that frogs don’t actually fully eat magma cubes, and only try to do so before spitting it out.[2]
  • One name for the pearlescent froglight during development was the "blanc froglight".[2]



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