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This article is about Overworld fossils. For Nether fossils, see Nether Fossil.
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Desert and its variants
Swamp and its variants

Consists of

A fossil is a skeletal structure composed of bone blocks, coal ore, or diamond ore[upcoming: JE 1.17].


Fossils randomly generate y-coordinates 40 to 49 underground in the Overworld (deserts, swamps, and their variants). Each chunk has a 164 chance to generate a fossil. They may generate as one of the four variants of skull or one of the four variants of spine.

Fossils first generate the pure-bone block fossil with a structure integrity of 0.9, meaning 10% of blocks are replaced with structure voids. Next, the coal fossil generates with a structure integrity of 0.1.

‌In Java Edition 1.17[upcoming], fossil generation has changed. There are now two types of fossils, each having a 164 chance to generate per chunk. One fossil generates between levels 0 and 320. Another generates from level -63 to -8, and is composed of diamond ores as opposed to coal ore.[more information needed]


Main article: /Structure

Note that naturally generated fossils are composed of a mix of bone blocks, coal or diamond ores, and structure voids, as detailed above. They are made with the NBT structure block format and have NBT files for each type of fossil located in the folder minecraft.jar/data/minecraft/structures/fossil.

Structure name Description Consists of Image
skull_1 The largest skull. 86 Bone Block Fossil Skull 1.png
skull_1_coal Skull_1 being petrified. 86 Coal Ore
skull_2 The second largest skull. 75 Bone Block Fossil Skull 2.png
skull_2_coal Skull_2 being petrified. 75 Coal Ore
skull_3 The second smallest skull. 58 Bone Block Fossil Skull 3.png
skull_3_coal Skull_3 being petrified. 58 Coal Ore
skull_4 The smallest skull, one-eyed. 32 Bone Block Fossil Skull 4.png
skull_4_coal Skull_4 being petrified. 32 Coal Ore
spine_1 The narrowest spine. 37 Bone Block Fossil Spine 1.png
spine_1_coal Spine_1 being petrified. 37 Coal Ore
spine_2 The second narrowest spine. 61 Bone Block Fossil Spine 2.png
spine_2_coal Spine_2 being petrified. 61 Coal Ore
spine_3 The second widest spine. 97 Bone Block Fossil Spine 3.png
spine_3_coal Spine_3 being petrified. 97 Coal Ore
spine_4 The widest spine. 121 Bone Block Fossil Spine 4.png
spine_4_coal Spine_4 being petrified. 121 Coal Ore


May 13, 2016ProfMobius tweets an image of the new structure blocks in action, generating what appears to be a fossil made of quartz.
Java Edition
1.1016w20aAdded fossils.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.1721w10aFossils that generate below Y=0 now generate with either normal or deepslate diamond ore instead of coal ore.
Fossils can no longer generate in the air.[1]
Pocket Edition
1.1.3alpha fossils.
Legacy Console Edition
TU43CU33 1.36 Patch 131.0.1Added fossils.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
1.9.19Added fossils.


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  • Coal ore generating among fossils could be based on the common misconception that coal and other fossil fuels are formed from fossilized animal remains. While coal can indeed originate from and around fossils, it is usually those of plants and plant matter.
    • Diamond ore generating in place of coal ore in fossils below y=0 could also reflect the common misconception that diamond is formed from highly compressed coal; diamond is in reality a pure carbon allotrope dating back millions of years before the first coal appeared, as coal is formed from decayed plant matter.
  • Hidden in the structure NBT is data that credits ProfMobius with the creation of the fossils.


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