This article is about Food Poisoning. For the game mechanic involving food, see Hunger.

Food Poisoning, referred to in-game as hunger, is a Status Effect added in the Adventure Update. Food poisoning is contracted when one eats raw chicken, pufferfish, or rotten flesh, with each object having a different chance of poisoning a player. Food poisoning will last about thirty seconds, but it can easily deplete the player's hunger bar. Drinking milk will cure a player from food poisoning immediately, removing all negative effects of it (note: drinking milk will also remove other status effects on a player, including positive ones). Food poisoning can be countered temporarily by moving as little as possible, since movement is what drives hunger. Food poisoning can also be given when a player is attacked by a Husk.

Sources of Food Poisoning

  • Eating raw chicken
  • Eating rotten flesh
  • Eating a pufferfish
  • Husks

The chance of food poisoning

If a player gets food poisoning from eating rotten flesh or raw chicken (unless they eat more than 1, or avoid being poisoned), the hunger bar will deplete by 1–2 hunger points.

Food Chance
Raw Chicken
Rotten Flesh