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This article is about generated features in the world. For generated structures, see Generated structures.
For custom features in data pack, see Custom feature.

Features (also known as features) are features generated in each minecraft world. This page lists Minecraft.



Feature Description
Forest rock Boulder made entirely of mossy cobblestone found in old growth taiga.
Iceberg Small island-like ice features made out of blue ice or packed ice, and snow found in frozen ocean and deep frozen ocean.
Blue ice Small blobs of blue ice adjacent to packed ice blocks, generating at or below the ocean surface.
Freeze top layer Ice on water and snow on blocks. In Bedrock Edition, technically it is not a feature.
Ice spike Tall spires made of packed ice found in the ice spikes biome.
Ice patch Disk-like feature of packed ice.
Lava lake A small, widespread feature that contains a volume of lava.
Disk Small circular patches of clay, sandstone, dirt, and gravel found underwater.
Bonus Chest Chest generated near the player's spawn if the "Bonus chest" option is toggled on.
Void start platform A 33 by 33 platform of stone centered on a block of cobblestone. Only generates in the Void biome or the Void superflat preset at coordinates 8, 3, 8.
Desert Well A structure-like built of sandstone blocks and slabs with a water source inside.
Spring A water or lava source block that generates on the side of a hill, cave or ravine.
Pile A pile of blocks that can only generate in villages. There are 5 variants of pile: Hay, Ice, Melon, Pumpkin and Snow.


Feature Description
Lava lake A small, widespread feature that contains a volume of lava.
Monster Room A structure-like feature that contains a monster spawner.
Fossil A rarely-occurring skeletal feature composed of bone blocks, coal ore, or diamond ore.
Dripstone cluster Some pointed dripstone blocks generates hanging from the ceiling.
Large dripstone Stalagnate composed entirely of dripstone blocks.
Pointed dripstone A single stalagmite or stalactite composed of pointed dripstone blocks.
Underwater magma Magmas found underwater.
Amethyst geode Geodes of amethyst also consist of calcite and smooth basalt as outer layer found underground.
Ore A feature consisting of a natural deposit of ores or other blocks.

The Nether[]

Feature Description
Delta One-block-deep sheets of constrained lava.
Basalt column Vertical clusters of basalt blocks found within basalt delta biomes
Basalt pillar A tall features made up of basalt block.
Glowstone blob Piles of glowstone.
Ore A feature consisting of a natural deposit of ores or other blocks.
Blob[Java Edition only] A feature consisting of a natural deposit of basalts or blackstones.
Spring A single lava source block that generates inside blocks or open to air.
Fire patch A patch of fires or soul fires.

The End[]

Feature Description
End podium The exit portal in the End.
End spike Tall spikes made of obsidian.
End gateway End gateway block with bedrocks.
End island Hemispherical clusters of end stone blocks.


Feature Description
Vines A single vines block found in jungle biomes and lush cave biome.
Bamboo Bamboo plant with optional podzols found in jungle biomes.
Glow lichen A single glow lichen block found underground.
Huge mushroom Tree-like features that consist of mushroom blocks.
Tree A feature consisting of logs and appropriate leaves.
Coral reef Coral reefs are features that consist of corals, coral fans, coral blocks and sea pickles. In Bedrock Edition, the coral reefs can also consist of dead corals, dead coral fans and dead coral blocks.
Chorus plant A plant-like feature of chorus flower in the End. In Bedrock Edition, technically it is not a feature.
Vegetation Patched vegetations like flowers and grass.

Composed features[]

The following features are composed of multiple plant-like features mentioned above.

Java Edition:

Configured feature ID Included configured features



birch fancy_oak

Bedrock Edition:

Feature ID Included features




Technical details[]

Features are generated for a given chunk after the terrain has been formed. When features are generated, they can spill over into neighboring chunks that have been previously generated. Thus, a tree at the edge of the generated world may be overwritten by a village before the player reaches it. It is also theoretically possible for two worlds generated with the same seed, from the same version of Minecraft, to differ slightly depending on the players' travel routes, because the chunk generation order may determine which of two conflicting features overwrite or suppress the other.


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Java Edition Infdev
20100616-1Added springs.
20100625-2Added dungeons.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.2.0previewAdded the Nether, which contains ceiling springs and glowstone blobs.
v1.2.6Added water and lava lakes.
Java Edition Beta
1.8Pre-releaseAdded disks.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4Added the exit portal and end spikes along with the End.
1.2.112w04aAdded desert wells.
1.3.112w16aAdded bonus chests.
1.513w02aAdded hidden lava spring in the Nether.
1.7.213w36aAdded forest rocks, ice spikes and ice patches.
1.915w31aAdded end gateways.
15w37aAdded void start platforms.
1.1016w20aAdded fossils.
1.1318w15aAdded icebergs.
1.1620w06aAdded basalt pillars.
20w15aAdded deltas and basalt columns.
Added basalt blobs and blackstone blobs.
1.1720w45aAdded amethyst geodes.
20w49aAdded dripstone features.
21w06aAdded underwater magma.
1.1821w41aFreeze top layer now becomes a feature technically.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.1.0Added springs.
v0.9.0build 1Added dungeons, forest rocks, ice spikes, ice patches, water and lava lakes, disks, and desert wells.
v0.12.1build 1Added the Nether, which contains glowstone blobs, ceiling springs and hidden lava.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha the exit portal, end gateways, and end spikes.
1.1.3alpha fossils.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta bonus chests.
1.4.0beta icebergs.
1.16.0beta basalt pillars.
beta deltas and basalt columns.
1.16.220beta the dripstone clusters. They don't naturally generate yet and are only accessible through add-ons.
1.17.0beta clusters now generate throughout caves in the Overworld.
Added amethyst geodes.
1.18.0beta underwater magma.[1]
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU1 1.0 Patch 11.0.1Added dungeons.
TU5Added bonus chests.
TU9Added the exit portal, end gateways, and end spikes.
TU12Added desert wells.
TU43CU33 1.36 Patch 13Added fossils.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Added dungeons.
1.7.10Added exit portal and end gateways.
1.9.19Added fossils.
Education Edition
1.0.21Added bonus chests.


  1. MCPE-141376 — "[Experimental] Magma blocks doesn't generate at the bottom of the underwater cave" — resolved as "Fixed".