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An exploration map is an item added to Minecraft as part of The Exploration Update. It marks nearby locations where treasure or certain structures can be found in the Overworld.



Ocean and woodland exploration maps can be purchased from cartographer villagers by trading emeralds and a compass.

  • Ocean map:
    (12–20) +
  • Woodland map:
    (16–28) +

Treasure maps can be found in some underwater ruins and shipwrecks.


2018-03-14 18.22.16

A buried treasure map.

Exploration maps show the direction and distance to the target, based on pointer location and size, respectively. An unexplored map depicts land in white, and water in brown. If a player is outside the bounds of the map, they appear as a white circle at the edge of the map. The smaller the circle, the farther the player is from the area the map covers. When a player enters the area covered by the map, it will gradually be "colored in", as the player explores the area. The circle will also change into a directional arrow. Woodland mansions and ocean monuments appear as brown or blue structure icons, while treasure locations appear as a red X.


  • While exploration maps show the locations of either woodland mansions or ocean monuments, it may not show the closest corresponding structure. This, it is possible, for example, to pass multiple Ocean Monuments before the player gets to the Ocean Monument on their map.
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