An Evoker is a hostile, humanoid mob found in the Overworld. They are one of three types of "illagers", the other two being the Illusioner and the Vindicator.

An Evoker's noise is somewhat "calm", yet sinister. One of them is a "Huun" sound. They will also make a "wololo" sound when performing a spell.


Evokers spawn inside of Woodland Mansions, one at a time, in particular rooms. They may, however, be accompanied by 1–2 Vindicators.


Evokers will attack Players (except in creative mode), Villagers, and Iron Golems within a 16-block range.

Evokers can also summon small, hostile mobs called Vexes, which will help attack the evoker's target. Their other method of attack is to summon spikes from the ground, dealing HeartHeartHeart damage. The spikes spawn in two circles if a player is close by, or in a straight line otherwise. The inner spikes snap shut before the outer ones.

If approached while not in the middle of an attack, evokers will run away from an attacking player.


Evokers will always drop 1 Totem of Undying when killed by a player. They will sometimes also drop an Emerald. While the number of emeralds dropped is affected by the presence or absence of a Looting enchantment, the totem is not.


These mobs were added to Minecraft in update 1.11.


  • When not in combat, evokers will change any blue sheep that are near them into a red sheep while uttering "wololo".
    • This is a reference to the video game Age of Empires where the priest unit would convert enemy units to their own side while uttering "wololo". [1]
    • The sound clip used in the game is the actual 1997 sound file.[citation needed]
  • An Evoker will produce grey-colored swirls over its head, as if it were under the effects of a Potion, while it's summoning Vexes.
  • The Evoker was originally going to wear a hat that had the same model of the Illusioner's. This can be seen in meet the Evoker. (This hat model was also going to be used for Witches and several Villager types).
  • Evokers will still be present in Peaceful Mode, but will try to run away from a player instead of attacking them, much like a Vindicator.



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