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The End is a unique place. Once one kills the ender dragon, one may even want to live there, or one could take an extra challenge and try to survive the ender dragon's wrath in the End dimension!

First Hand End Survival

If one wants to live in the End with/without the ender dragon, one would need wood. Wood is the basis of all tools, weapons, and ultimately life itself! Food is also needed greatly. Bring a diamond pickaxe so one can mine the obsidian.

Normal End Survival

First, find a suitable spot to set up a base. It would be wise to place the first base near the exit portal. Make sure to bring a dirt block and a sapling from the Overworld in order to build a tree farm. Once the first tree has grown, start thinking about tools. Once a tool set has been crafted, one could start thinking about an actual roof for the base.

End Survival Shelters/Homes

Underground Base

Digging down would be my first choice. One can make a base as large as they want it to be if they make it underground. The only bad thing about this shelter is the risk of falling out of the world and into the Void.

Obsidian Pillar Shelter

Another good survival shelter is inside an obsidian pillar. This is a good home because it can have multiple floors and (depending on which pillar is chosen to live in) it can be very spacey! The cons, however, might outweigh the pros. Obsidian is very hard to break quickly. It would be a long and weary process that requires the usage of a diamond pickaxe preferably one with Efficiency V.

Ender Dragon Survival

If one really wants another challenge, one should try this! Surviving in the End alone should be challenging enough, but the ender dragon makes this even harder. Be prepared to die a lot!

Basic Dragon Avoiding

When a player first enters the End, the ender dragon will be after them. Run around the surface of the End for the first couple minutes. Tip: Know where the dragon is at all times. Do not let the dragon hit oneself! Above all, don't let the ender dragon hit one into the Void. One's gear will be irretrievable.

Basic Endermen Protection

The ender dragon is not the only danger in this floating spit of sand. The Endermen also pose a threat! Always bring 2 or more water buckets so whenever the endermen walk into it, they get hurt and teleport away. And as always, bring some great armor!