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  • Ender Dragon - a boss mob, also acknowledged as the final boss mob of Minecraft.
  • Enderman - a neutral mob that spawns in all three dimensions and becomes hostile if looked at by a player or attacked, either by a mob or a player.
  • Endermite - a hostile mob, spawned from thrown ender pearls with a 5% chance.
  • Shulker - a hostile mob spawned within the end cities and shoots shulker bullets at players and gives the levitation effect if it hits them.


  • Ender Chest - an ender variation of the normal chests that are connected to other ender chests.
  • End Stone - a common block native to the end and makes up end islands of all types.


  • End Crystal - floating and destroyable crystals that are used to heal the Ender Dragon.
  • Eye of Ender - artificial eyes that are used to activate the End Portal and locate strongholds.
  • Ender Pearl - pearls dropped by endermen that are capable of teleporting players if thrown.

Minecraft Mini-Series


  • Enderman
  • Enderal


  • Ender Pearl

Minecraft Dungeons



  • Chorus Fruit - fruits found in The End.
  • Eye of Ender - eyes that are guarded by the Eyesents and that are used to activate the End Portal.

Minecraft Story Mode

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