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The End Gateway

The End Gateway is a portal introduced in Java Edition 1.9 and in Pocket Edition 1.0.0.


This portal spawns after the Ender Dragon is killed in The End; up to twenty End gateways can be generated by respawning and rekilling the dragon. It leads to the outer islands of the End, which are a thousand blocks away from the central island, where End Cities and Chorus Plants generate. If a player has previously killed the ender dragon before the 1.9 update, they must respawn the dragon and then kill it again in order for the gateway to appear.

Throughout the End, more end gateways will generate as a player respawns the ender dragon and kills it. The maximum amount of gateways that can be created is 26. These aid a player in getting back to the main island: when entered, a player is taken back to the obsidian platform where they spawned, although it will not trigger the reformation of the platform.


Since the structure is made of unbreakable blocks, a player must find a way to squeeze himself/herself through the one- block gap on the sides. There are many ways to accomplish this; etc. throwing an Ender Pearl into the gateway in order to be teleported, placing water nearby to swim into it, or by crawling by the use of pistons and a block, or trapdoors. It transports players into the outer end, or back to the main island for return gateways.


  • The portal block inside the gateway has the same 3D logic as the End Portal blocks.
  • The gateway is actually a block.
  • If a player switches to creative mode, they will be able to mine the portal, and it makes the same sound as Glass breaking.
  • In creative mode, if a player breaks it, they will discover that inside the bedrock shell it is a 3 by 1 gap (one block of air above and below portal block).
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