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This page documents the layer-by-layer composition of a given generated structure or terrain feature. 

The End City Ship can be found near the End City Tower which contains an elytra and few loot chests.

In Java the path to load the structure from a structure block is minecraft:end_city/ship.


The end ship is 24 blocks high, 29 blocks long and 13 blocks wide.


Name Total Stack
Brewing Stand 1
Chest 2
Dragon Head 1
Elytra 1
End Rod 6
End Stone Bricks 36
Item Frame 1
Ladder 14
Magenta Stained Glass 7
Obsidian 26
Potion of Healing 2
Purpur Block 557 8 + 45 blocks
Purpur Pillar 97 1 + 33 blocks
Purpur Slab 7
Purpur Stairs 154 2 + 47 blocks
Shulker 3

Block orientation and instructions[]


End Ship.png