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Education Edition exclusive features

This is the list of features that are available exclusively to the Education Edition. This is comparison between the Bedrock and Education editions.



Tutorial worlds
Guide players on in-game navigation, crafting, and placing or breaking blocks.
Includes the World of Chemistry
Lessons in the game. Try to use that if you can find it
Downloadable from
3D Exporting
Allow players to use their creations in the real world and share them via Remix 3D (remix 3D has now been discontinued)
Classroom Mode
A companion app for Minecraft that shows a high-level map view of the world, a list of all the students, the ability for a teacher to teleport students, and a chat window to communicate.
It is provided for educators who may want to observe student activity without being in the game, and is not needed for students to play.
Code Connection
An extension that allows educators and students to explore, create, and play in an immersive Minecraft world – all by writing code.
Easy Classroom Collaboration
An entire classroom of up to thirty (30) students can play in a world together with no separate server setup required.
Students can work together in pairs or groups simply by joining their classmates' world.
Simple, Secure sign-in
Individual student and teacher logins with Office 365 Education accounts ensure data privacy & security while playing Minecraft: Education Edition.


Main article: Commands


  Border[note 1]
Entities cannot pass over or under border blocks, no matter how far above or below they are.
  Allow Block[note 1]
Players can build above allow blocks even in worlds where they cannot build otherwise.
  Deny Block[note 1]
Players cannot build above deny blocks even in worlds where they can build otherwise.
    Chalkboard[note 1]
Allow creators to communicate learning goals, provide additional information and give explicit instructions within the game.
It comes in three different sizes – Slate (1×1), Poster (2×1), and Board (2×3).
  Element Constructor[note 1]
It allows the creation of elements based on their atomic structure with sliders to choose the number of protons, neutrons and electrons.
There are 118 elements from the Periodic Table as well as over 400 stable isotopes.
  Compound Creator[note 1]
Add elements to the grid and the resulting compound will appear to use.
There are over 30 compounds that can be created with this tool – from luminol and hydrogen peroxide to charcoal and soap.
  Lab Table[note 1]
It allows the creation of items by combining elements and compounds in a grid.
For example, adding water and sodium hypochlorite makes bleach, which a player can use to turn wool white.
  Material Reducer[note 1]
It reduces a block to its component elements, providing a useful way to explore the elements that make up our environment.
Since some blocks in Minecraft do not exist in the natural world, there is a "?" element for these to encourage curiosity of learners.
  Heat Block[note 1]
Melts snow and ice without producing light.
  Underwater TNT[note 1]
TNT that can damage other blocks underwater.
  Underwater Torch[note 1]
Torches that can function underwater.
     Colored Torch[note 1]
Torches that are colored.
                  Hardened Glass[note 1]
Glass blocks that are hardened.
                  Hardened Glass Pane[note 1]
Glass panes that are hardened.
  Elements[note 1]
Used for creating compounds.


Allow students to document the development of their projects.
  NPC Spawn Egg
Spawns an NPC.
  Agent Spawn Egg
Spawns an Agent.
  Bleach[note 1]
A substitute for white dye.
  Ice Bomb[note 1]
A projectile that freezes water.
  Super Fertilizer[note 1]
An upgraded form of bone meal.
     Medicine[note 1]
A type of potion that removes a specified effect.
      Sparkler[note 1]
Item that emits particles when lit. Available in orange, blue, red, purple, and green colors and can be held in the offhand.
                Glow Stick[note 1]
Item that can be lit up in the player's hand for a limited time.
  Compounds[note 1]
Created by combining elements.


  Camera[note 1]
Allows students to take screenshots of their work.
                 Balloon[note 1]
When attached to mobs, will levitate them. Will levitate when placed.


                          Non-Player Characters[note 1]
Act as a guide for students in the game, giving instruction, providing more information, and also allowing educators to insert an active web link to additional references.
  Agent[note 1]
Another type of NPC that can be programmed to perform specific actions.
  Zombie Pigman
A neutral undead pig mob that inhabits the nether. It was renamed to zombified piglin in other versions of Minecraft but not in Education Edition.


  1. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z These blocks and items also exist in Bedrock Edition, but only in worlds with "Education Edition" enabled.