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Education Edition

Release date

March 21, 2019

Development versions
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of 1.9

1.9.0 (Windows), 1.9.1 (macOS), or 1.9 (iPad) was a major update to Education Edition released on March 21, 2019. It added some Village & Pillage features from Bedrock Edition 1.8.0 and 1.9.0.[1]



  • Can be found while fishing in jungles and will appear in some chests
  • Spawning naturally in bamboo forest.
  • Now come in all different wood types: spruce, birch, acacia, jungle and dark oak.
Smooth blocks
  • Added smooth stone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone and smooth quartz block.
  • Added stone, andesite, polished andesite, diorite, polished diorite, granite, polished granite, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick slabs.
  • Added cut sandstone and cut red sandstone slabs.
  • Added stone, andesite, polished andesite, diorite, polished diorite, granite, polished granite, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick stairs.
  • Added brick, andesite, diorite, granite, prismarine, stone brick, mossy stone brick, sandstone, red sandstone, nether brick, red nether brick, and end stone brick walls.


New dye items
Spawn eggs


  • Spawn in jungles.
  • Eat bamboo and cake items.
  • Have different personalities – lazy, playful, aggressive or worried.
  • Have a rare brown variant.
Stray cats
  • Spawn in villages.
  • Can be tamed using fish.
  • Bring gifts to the player.
  • Have dyeable collars, like dogs.

Command format[]

/particle command
  • Only the following particles are available (prefix minecraft: is necessary):[2]
    • minecraft:mobflame_emitter
    • minecraft:test_beziercurve
    • minecraft:test_bounce
    • minecraft:test_catmullromcurve
    • minecraft:test_colorcurve
    • minecraft:test_combocurve
    • minecraft:test_highrestitution
    • minecraft:test_linearcurve
    • minecraft:test_mule
    • minecraft:test_smoke_puff
    • minecraft:test_sphere
    • minecraft:test_spiral
    • minecraft:test_watertest
    • minecraft:test_flipbook
    • minecraft:test_vertexrandom
    • minecraft:balloon_gas_particle
    • minecraft:mobspell_emitter
    • minecraft:basic_crit_particle
    • minecraft:portal_directional
    • minecraft:bubble_column_down_particle
    • minecraft:portal_east_west
    • minecraft:portal_north_south
    • minecraft:bubble_column_up_particle
    • minecraft:crit_emitter
    • minecraft:splash_spell_emitter
    • minecraft:end_chest
    • minecraft:totem_particle
    • minecraft:evocation_fang_particle
    • minecraft:water_splash_particle
    • minecraft:evoker_spell
    • minecraft:water_wake_particle
    • minecraft:magnesium_salts_emitter
    • minecraft:wither_boss_invulnerable
    • minecraft:mob_portal
  • Reloads all function files from all behavior packs.
  • Added minecraft: prefix for /summon to separate vanilla entities and add-on entities.
  • Added function.
  • Added gamerule randomtickspeed.
  • Allows players to select whether a message appears in chat when a player or tamed mob dies.
  • Has new "Immediate Respawn" option.
  • Enables the use of raw text formatting to be able to send translatable text output to chat using JSON.
  • The number of commands run through functions can be limited with a new gamerule (defaults to 10,000) to limit performance issues.
  • Can now be run every tick creating an update loop.
  • Custom tags can be applied to entities and players to create more flexible selector groupings.
  • Added has_tag filter in components to allow checks to see if an entity has a specified tag.
  • Autocomplete can be used for tags.
  • /kill command now kills creative mode players.


Pause menu
  • Added a new "feedback" button.
    • Shows links to the Minecraft feedback site, the bug tracker, and Mojang support site.
  • "How to Play" button is now visible from the in-game settings menu.



Moss stone
  • Has been renamed to Mossy Cobblestone.
Nether brick fences
  • Crafting recipe changed to 4 nether brick blocks and 2 nether brick items.
    • Previously crafting recipe is now used to make a nether brick wall.
Smooth sandstone and smooth red sandstone
  • Have been renamed to cut sandstone and cut red sandstone, respectively.
  • Has been renamed to Oak Sign.
    • An oak sign now requires oak planks to craft, instead of any wood planks.
Stone slabs
  • Have been renamed to smooth stone slabs and now require smooth stone to craft, instead of regular stone.
    • Previous crafting recipe is now used to make a new stone slab.
Sandstone and red sandstone stairs and slabs
  • Cannot be crafted using any type of sandstone or red sandstone but now require regular sandstone or red sandstone to craft it.
  • Can now be used to hold lava.
    • Will burn entities inside it and emit light.
  • Is now activated when broken, unless broken with shears.
  • Renamed white colored wool to white wool.
Command blocks
  • Now have the default name of "!" instead of "@".
Packed ice
  • Added crafting recipe.
Shulker Box
  • Added a recipe for undyed shulker box.


  • Can now be crafted with bamboo.
  • The bow in the hotbar now shows an arrow when being drawn.
  • "Dandelion yellow", "rose red" and "cactus green" have been renamed to "yellow dye", "red dye" and "green dye", respectively.
Firework Rockets
  • Can now be placed in the off-hand slot.


  • Now are afraid of cats and will not swoop while cats are around.
Tropical Fish
Skeleton horses and zombie horses
  • Foals now have a chance of being spawned using a spawn egg.
  • Can no longer be tamed.
  • The player can still feed them to gain their trust.
  • Ocelots can now be fed pufferfish and tropical fish items.
Passive Mobs

World generation[]


  • Catches have been changed in the jungle biome.
    • Now only raw cod and raw salmon can be caught as fish in a jungle.
    • Bamboo can now be caught as a junk item from fishing in a jungle.
  • The Lion Tamer achievement's description has now been changed from 'Tame an Ocelot' into 'Gain the trust of an Ocelot' due to ocelots no longer being able to turn into cats by feeding them fish. Now to unlock this achievement the player must feed fish to an ocelot until it trusts them, which is indicated by the ocelot emitting heart particles.

Command format[]

The following commands can now be run in game without turning on cheats
  • /gamerule showcoordinates
  • /gamerule dofiretick
  • /gamerule tntexplodes
  • /gamerule domobloot
  • /gamerule naturalregeneration
  • /gamerule dotiledrops
  • /gamerule pvp
  • Now only players with operator permissions can use game rules.
  • The commands to set scoreboards' names are now recognized.
  • The autocomplete list for player mentions now work in slash commands.


  • Education Edition is now available for Windows Desktop.
    • Updated and deployed using either SCCM or Intune, and is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and all versions of Windows 10.
Splash screen
  • Now has an animated loading bar.
Skin packs
  • More skin packs are now shown in the skin picker menu, and each pack can be opened and viewed in its own page.
  • Improvements to how and when spawn positions are moved to safer places.
  • The player can now send links to Marketplace content using the share button.
  • Content can now be sorted by 'Updates available' in the Marketplace inventory.
  • Content can now be sorted and filtered by rating in the Marketplace.
How to play
Updates to add-ons
  • The player can now add their own mobs, particles and more without having to replace any vanilla features.
Panorama Screen
  • Updated Panorama Screen.
  • Health Boost and Absorption icons have now changed to look different.


  • Fixed crash when agent places water.
  • Fixed "Make visible to LAN" toggle functionality
  • Fixed installation not working on Windows 10 version 1511 and earlier
  • Fixed failed multiplayer connection on Windows 10 version 1607
  • Fixed certain languages not displaying properly in-game