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1.17.31 is a minor update to Minecraft Education released for PC platforms on December 14, 2021, and for iOS and iPadOS on December 21, 2021, which fixes bugs.[1]


  • Since the initial release, hotfixes (1.17.31) have been deployed to address the following issues:
    • Some Proxy configurations prevent login on Windows
    • Client hangs while downloading resources
    • Windows disconnects multiplayer sessions when app is minimized
    • Non-functional arrows visible while using Code Builder
    • Blocks can get stuck in Material Reducer UI
    • Can't close the "There was a problem loading this world" screen
    • Boards from worlds created in 1.14 aren't editable in 1.17
    • Some NPCs appear with incorrect skins for worlds created in 1.14
    • Additional crash fixes
    • Though some Fixes were made some Nether Portals will not activate even when lit


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