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1.14.50, dubbed the "Learn to Code Update", is a minor update of Minecraft Education, which added new Learn to Code features, and started the Hour of Code: A Minecraft Tale of Two Villages.[1][2][3]



Code Builder
  • Relocated menus to provide more space for coding and the menu options to be more understandable.
  • Home and Reset Editor buttons have been added to the Code Builder menu.
Hour of Code Lesson
  • Added Hour of Code: A Tale of Two Villages lesson session.
    • Can be accessed from the in-game Library or with the login-free demo.
Library Updates
  • Mac and iPad users can now share or assign Library lessons via Google Classroom or email.
Single Sign-On
  • School district can now link Google and Microsoft accounts, to make single sign-on easier for teachers and students with both accounts on ChromeOS.
URL Allow List
  • All authentication is now done using *.minecrafteduservices.com.


  • Various fixes to address known issues.