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1.0.1 is a minor update to Education Edition which introduced Code Builder. This version equates to Pocket Edition 1.1.0.[1]





Non-mob entities[]

World generation[]



  • Code Builder
  • Adventure
  • New game rules
    • DoFireTick, DoMobSpawning, DoTileDrops, MobGriefing, DoEntityDrops, KeepInventory, DoMobLoot, DoDaylightCycle
  • New user interface for Classroom Mode
  • Added the ability to toggle chat & weather in Classroom Mode
  • Added /position command to toggle player coordinates on the HUD
  • Add-ons (Resource Packs)
  • Added new EDU template worlds.
  • Added the Storage screen in Settings to manage worlds, resource packs, and behavior packs



  • Beds are now dyeable & jumpable




  • Simplified the world builder command; typing /worldbuilder or /wb will toggle the world builder ability on and off
  • Fixed the host not having worldbuilder enabled after creating a new world
  • Fixed worlds being limited to 5 players instead of 30 when using Local server option
  • The correct error message will now appear when attempting to join Vanilla games
  • Sounds now properly stop when Global Pause is enabled
  • Fixed performance issues caused by Global Pause
  • Fixed the name of the NPC spawn egg
  • The eating animation will no longer occur when using a Camera
  • Corrected fixed inventory slots not highlighting if hotbar slots 1, 2 or 3 were equipped with an Ender Pearl and the object is thrown
  • Fixed the picture numbers in the Portfolio to support more than 100 pictures
  • The map in Classroom Mode now updates properly after TNT explodes
  • Fixed sound effect when taking pictures using the camera
  • Fixed a crash that may occur when typing into text fields on macOS Sierra
  • Fixed inventory search not returning results on macOS
  • Fixed severe delays in Classroom Mode when executing commands after an extended time period with a full world
  • Fixed character limits on slates, boards, and posters
  • Fixed a crash when a NPC was killed while editing its text
  • Worldbuilder ability is no longer enabled by default
  • Fixed the unlock icon so it no longer appears when choosing a skin
  • Placeholder checkboard squares are no longer displayed in Portfolio.
  • Fixed inventory slots can now be set when using the /setfixedinvslot command through Classroom Mode