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This article is about the editions of Minecraft. For the games, see Minecraft (franchise) § Games.

Minecraft has several editions, some of which are discontinued.

Java Edition[]

Minecraft: Java Edition (formerly just Minecraft) is the original version of Minecraft, developed by Mojang Studios for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Notch began development on May 10, 2009, publicly releasing Minecraft on May 17, 2009. The full release of the game (version 1.0.0) was on November 18, 2011, at MINECON 2011. The latest version is 1.21.

Bedrock Edition[]

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (only Minecraft on most platforms and in-game) refers to the multi-platform versions of Minecraft developed by Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, and SkyBox Labs and based on the Bedrock codebase. The latest version is 1.21.0.

Legacy Console Edition[]

Legacy Console Edition is a discontinued term that refers collectively to several nearly identical editions of Minecraft developed by 4J Studios for game consoles. It comprises of:

Legacy Console Edition introduced new features such as a simplified crafting system, in-game tutorials, leaderboards, built-in mini games and split-screen multiplayer,[except PS Vita] as well as online multiplayer for up to 4‌[PS Vita only]/8[Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, & Switch only]/16‌[Xbox One & PS4 only] players, which required the console's paid subscription service.[except Wii U] As with all editions, updates were free of charge.


Pocket Edition[]

Pocket Edition (informally known as MCPE or PE) was the former title of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft developed by Mojang Studios for mobile devices before 1.2.0, although subsequent builds are still commonly (if erroneously) referred to as Pocket Edition.

Minecraft 4k[]

Minecraft 4k was an edition of Minecraft developed for the 2010 Java 4K contest, where the entry games were required to be within four kibibytes (4096 bytes) in size.[1]


MinecraftEdu is a sandbox indie educational video game written in Java, developed by TeacherGaming, published by E-Line Media, and licensed by Mojang Studios.[2] It was meant as an educational version of Minecraft. The final version was 1.8.9 Build 3.

Pi Edition[]

Minecraft: Pi Edition is a edition of Minecraft developed for the Raspberry Pi. It is based on Pocket Edition Alpha v0.6.1 but slightly cut down, containing a revised feature set and support for multiple programming languages. Pi Edition is intended as an educational tool for novice programmers. The final version was v0.1.1 alpha.

Minecraft Education[]

Minecraft Education (formerly Minecraft: Education Edition) is an educational edition of Minecraft specifically designed for classroom use. It is developed by Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios and has features that make Minecraft easy to use in a classroom setting. The latest version is 1.20.12.

China Edition[]

Minecraft: China Edition is a localized edition of Java and Bedrock editions for mainland China, developed by Mojang Studios and NetEase. The latest version is for Windows, for Android via mc.163.com, for Android via TapTap, and 2.8.5 for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.

New Nintendo 3DS Edition[]

Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition is the edition of Minecraft developed by Other Ocean Interactive and Mojang Studios for the New Nintendo 3DS/2DS systems, but is not compatible with the original Nintendo 3DS/2DS systems. The final version was 1.9.19.

Minecraft Classic[]

Minecraft Classic is a JavaScript remake of Classic 0.0.23a_01, made to celebrate 10 years of Minecraft and was uploaded to the Minecraft website (built with Babylon.js library). This version can be played at classic.minecraft.net for free.


Java Edition Bedrock Edition
[note 1][note 2]
Legacy Console Edition
[note 3]
Other editions


WindowsChromeOSXbox OneNintendo SwitchPlayStation 4
Pocket Edition AndroidiOSiPadOSFire
Windows 10 Edition Windows 10

Minecraft Education WindowsmacOSChromeOSAndroidiOSiPadOS
China Edition WindowsmacOSAndroidTapTapiOSiPadOS
Minecraft Classic 🌐


Pocket Edition Galaxy StoreWindows Phone 8Windows 10 MobileFire PhoneChromeOS
Gear VR Edition Gear VR
Apple TV Edition tvOS
Fire TV Edition Fire TV

Xbox 360 Edition Xbox 360
Xbox One Edition Xbox One
PlayStation 3 Edition PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4 Edition PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita Edition PlayStation Vita
Wii U Edition Wii U
Nintendo Switch Edition Nintendo Switch

Minecraft 4k Java 🌐
MinecraftEdu WindowsmacOSLinux
Pi Edition Raspberry PiLinux(ARM only)
China Edition AppGallery
New Nintendo 3DS Edition New Nintendo 3DS


Release Candidate

Pocket Edition Alpha
Pocket Edition

Merged with LCE
[note 4]

Xbox One Edition Xbox One
Nintendo Switch Edition Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4 Edition PlayStation 4


Edition Released on Discontinued on Version
Java Edition WindowsmacOSLinux May 17, 2009 1.21
Bedrock Edition
📱 Pocket Edition August 16, 2011 1.21.0
Windows 10 Windows 10 Edition July 29, 2015 1.21.0
Gear VR Gear VR Edition April 27, 2016 September 3, 2020 1.16.40
tvOS Apple TV Edition December 19, 2016 August 7, 2017 1.1.5
Fire TV Fire TV Edition December 19, 2016 April 22, 2021 1.16.221
Xbox One September 20, 2017 1.21.0
Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch June 21, 2018 1.21.0
PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 December 10, 2019 1.21.0
ChromeOS June 7, 2023 1.21.0
Minecraft Education WindowsmacOSChromeOSAndroidiOSiPadOS November 1, 2016 1.20.12
China Edition WindowsmacOSAndroidTapTapiOSiPadOS August 8, 2017 See China Edition
Legacy Console Edition Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Edition May 9, 2012 April 30, 2019 TU75
Xbox One Xbox One Edition September 5, 2014 December 3, 2019 CU58
PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3 Edition December 17, 2013 April 15, 2020 1.84
PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Edition September 4, 2014 September 9, 2019 1.95
PlayStation Vita PlayStation Vita Edition October 14, 2014 April 15, 2020 1.84
Wii U Wii U Edition December 17, 2015 March 19, 2019 Patch 43
Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Edition May 11, 2017 June 21, 2018 1.0.17
Other editions Java 🌐 Minecraft 4k December 2, 2009 December 4, 2009 N/A
WindowsmacOSLinux MinecraftEdu November 5, 2011 April 5, 2016 1.8.9 Build 3
Raspberry PiLinux(ARM only) Pi Edition February 11, 2013 v0.1.1 alpha
New Nintendo 3DS New Nintendo 3DS Edition September 13, 2017 January 15, 2019 1.9.19
🌐 Minecraft Classic May 7, 2019 N/A


  1. The official Bedrock Edition for PCs, mobile devices, consoles, TVs, and VR devices.
  2. Before the release of the Better Together Update, the Bedrock Edition was split into many different platform editions.
  3. The official Legacy Console Edition for consoles.
  4. The Xbox One and Nintendo Switch editions, unlike the other editions listed, could not be updated directly into Bedrock Edition. Bedrock Edition had to be bought separately from the Legacy Console Edition versions, excluding the PlayStation 4 Edition. However, those who purchased said Legacy Console Editions received a free digital copy of the Bedrock Edition upon it coming to the console, and things like worlds and skin packs could be transferred to the Bedrock Edition.


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