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Dyes are items which are used to change the color of a variety of blocks, items, or mobs in Minecraft.

In 1.14, the dye system was overhauled, changing many names and procedures for creating/using certain dyes.


There are 16 different colors of dye:


Dyes can be used to re-colour a variety of items, blocks and mobs, such as:

Certain dyes (such as white) are also a required material when crafting other dyes.

Depending on the object, dyeing is achieved by either right-clicking on the target while the dye is held or by placing the dye in a crafting table along with other materials.


Dye ingredients can be found from a wide variety of sources. There are a few different procedures used in the production of dye, depending on the colour. A crafting table may be required to mix ingredients, others may be ground up without one, and others may need to be baked in a furnace first. The image and table below give a breakdown of the requirements for each colour of dye (until the release of update 1.14).

Dye Colors

Dye Chain
Picture Name/Color Source Other uses

Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary

Bone Meal

Bonemeal White Crafted from bones. Fertilizing Primary
Ink Sac Ink Black Dropped by squids. Crafting Primary
Cocoa Beans Cocoa Brown Dropped from cocoa pods. Crafting Primary
RoseRedNew Rose Red Crafted from poppies. None Primary
GreenDyeNew Cactus Green Smelted from cacti. None Primary
Lapizs lazuli dye Lapis Lazuli Dropped from lapis lazuli ore, or

Crafted from cornflowers .

Crafting and Enchanting Primary
DandelionYellowNew Dandelion Yellow Crafted from dandelions. None Primary
Gray Dye Gray Crafted from ink sacs and bonemeal. None Secondary
LightGrayDyeNew Light Gray Crafted from gray dye and bonemeal or from oxeye daisies. None Primary/Tertiary
OrangeDyeNew Orange Crafted from rose red and dandelion yellow or from orange tulips. None Primary/Secondary
LimeDyeNew Lime Crafted from cactus green and bonemeal. None Secondary
LightBlueDyeNew Light Blue Crafted from lapis lazuli and bonemeal or from flowers. None Primary/Secondary
CyanDyeNew Cyan Crafted from cactus green and lapis lazuli. None Secondary
PinkDyeNew Pink Crafted from rose red and bonemeal or from flowers. Crafting Primary/Secondary
Purple Dye Purple Crafted from rose red and lapis lazuli. Crafting Secondary
Magneta Dye Magenta Crafted from purple dye and pink dye or from lilac. None Primary/Tertiary


  • To revert dyed leather armor back to its original state, hold the armor piece in-hand and right-click a cauldron with water in it.
  • Sheep can be dyed by right-clicking them with the dye of choice in hand. If one wants a bunch of wool in one colour, this method is more practical than dyeing wool blocks themselves.
    • Tamed wolf collars can also be dyed using the same procedure.



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