Donkeys are passive mobs that can be ridden. In Update 1.6, donkeys can be spawned with a Horse Spawn Egg, and they are tamable. In survival mode, they can be found naturally in the plains biomes, along with their horse counterparts. They are one of five different possible mounts in the game, the other four being Horses, Pigs, Llamas, and Mules


Donkeys are gray, long-eared mobs similar to horses that can be found in the wild or by using a donkey spawn egg (horse spawn egg as of the TU38 update for Console Edition).


Taming a donkey is done in the same manner that a horse would be: a player needs to simply have a free hand (no items in it) and right click on the donkey to mount. This will lead to the donkey walking around for a bit and possibly bucking off a player. This is similar to the way horses are tamed in real life known as "breaking" the horse. After up to 11 attempts to "break" the donkey, hearts will start emanating from the donkey, and a player will no longer be bucked off. Taming is permanent.


Similar to horses, first a player must tame it. Once tamed, riding is as simple as right clicking the donkey, no longer requiring an empty hand. At first, the donkey will allow the user to ride it, and will wander aimlessly. To control the movement, a Saddle must be equipped. To do so a player can open their inventory while riding the donkey and placing a saddle in the appropriate saddle slot on the donkey's inventory.


Donkeys have the same usage as horses do. However, they do not allow the use of Horse Armor. Instead, they can carry items for a player. A donkey can only hold one Chest, even though it appears to have two (one on each side). A chest is simply placed on the donkey by right clicking the donkey with a chest in hand.


Donkeys have the same jump height, speed, and color every time, but a random health value; therefore, it may be beneficial to breed it with a horse, as mules can have a better speed and jump height.


  • The only two differences between donkeys and horses is that donkeys can't wear armor, but can wear chests that can be unlocked in its Inventory. On the other hand, horses can wear armor, but can't wear chests. Horses are also often faster and can jump higher than donkeys.
  • Parrots may occasionally sit on a donkey.



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