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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 

Dolphin's Grace is a status effect that increases the player's swimming speed when a dolphin is nearby.


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Dolphin's Grace significantly decreases the amount of "friction" from moving through water. This causes the player to swim significantly faster and lose speed at a slower rate, but also makes changing directions slower. Dolphin's Grace on its own allows you to travel 9.8 m/s underwater without Depth Strider, making it faster than a boat. Combining it with Depth Strider, players are able to travel at much higher speeds,[1] adding 8.983 m/s per level. Potentially higher speeds are possible by adding soul soil underwater and using Soul Speed-enchanted boots, along with Speed II.

Depth Strider level Speed(m/s)
None 9.800
I 18.783
II 27.767
III 36.75

Dolphin's Grace only affects horizontal movement speed. Vertical movement is not affected.[2]

This status effect is exclusive to Java Edition. Although players in Bedrock Edition are also able to experience a significant gain in speed if the same conditions as in Java Edition are met, it is not considered a status effect as no effect icon is shown.

Dolphins do not give this effect to players with the Invisibility effect, unless their invisibility is reduced by having at least one armor piece or headgear equipped. So wear at least one armor piece to have Dolphin's Grace and Invisibility effect at the same time for the advancement "How Did We Get Here?".


Cause Potency Length Notes
Dolphins ? 0:05 The player must sprint-swim within 9 blocks (Euclidean) of a dolphin to achieve this effect with it being replenished if the player continues sprint-swimming within 15 blocks (Euclidean)


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
Advancement-fancy-rawHow Did We Get Here?
Have every effect applied at the same time A Furious CocktailHave all of these 31 status effects applied to the player at the same time: The source of the effects is irrelevant for the purposes of this advancement. Other status effects may be applied to the player, but are ignored for this advancement.
This is a hidden advancement, meaning that it can be viewed by the player only after completing it, regardless of if its child advancement(s), if any, have been completed.

Data values[]


NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key
Dolphin's Gracedolphins_grace30effect.minecraft.dolphins_grace


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Java Edition
1.1318w19aDolphin's Grace JE1 Added Dolphin's Grace.
pre6Dolphin's Grace effect is now needed for "How Did We Get Here?" advancement.
1.1418w43aBlank Dolphin's Grace now points to a fully transparent section of inventory.png. The icon that should be used for Dolphin's Grace is used by Slow Falling.
18w43bDolphin's Grace JE1 The correct texture is now used again.


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  1. MC-129576 — Dolphin's grace combined with depth strider makes you swim extremely fast
  2. MC-130268 — Dolphin's grace only affects horizontal swimming speed