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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Java Edition. 
This feature used to be in the game but has since been removed.
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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 
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Java Edition[edit]

The game prevents certain blocks from being obtained through normal gameplay methods, such as crafting, the creative inventory, the pick block key, and the Silk Touch enchantment. It also prevents such blocks from being given through less conventional methods, such as inventory editing, mods, and commands. Until 1.7.2 and 1.8, there had been a wide variety of blocks that could be edited into the inventory; over time, however, the game was updated so that these blocks became entirely unavailable, even though one utilized inventory editing. From Java Edition 1.13 onwards, blocks and items are completely different concepts, and numerical IDs no longer exist at all.

Currently, the game accepts only namespaced IDs (such as minecraft:dirt) in most commands, and uses only these namespaced IDs when assigning blocks to the inventory and save files. The old method of obtaining a block via numerical IDs is no longer an option. In addition, the game automatically removes blocks with illegitimate namespaced IDs from the inventory, so using inventory editors is also no longer an option. Furthermore, certain blocks with both block and item forms, such as minecraft:cake, cannot be obtained in their block form in the inventory; however, since the game has a corresponding item named minecraft:cake, the item form is given instead.

Despite never being intended to be obtainable, some of these could even be acquired in survival using unusual means - see Tutorials/Obtaining discontinued blocks and items for more info.

All such blocks[edit]

All of the following block items were removed at one point, as clarified in the following paragraphs.

In snapshot 13w37a for 1.7.2, the /give command was modified so that it would display the name of the item in chat. Due to this, 26 blocks were made unavailable.

In snapshot 14w25a for 1.8, changes were made to the way the icons of items were rendered, and the way block data was internally represented. Due to this, 12 blocks were made unavailable.

Block Namespaced ID Dec Hex Obtainable until...
Bed (bottom texture) JE1 BE1.png Bed bed 26 1A 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Piston Head (texture) JE1 BE1.png Piston Head piston_head 34 22 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Piston Head (texture) JE1 BE1.png Piston Extension piston_extension 36 24 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Redstone Wire Cross (texture) JE2 BE1.png Redstone Wire redstone_wire 55 37 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Wheat Age 0 (texture) JE1 BE1.png Wheat wheat 59 3B 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Oak Planks (texture) JE4 BE2.png Standing Sign standing_sign 63 3F 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Oak Door (bottom texture) JE2 BE1.png Wooden Door wooden_door 64 40 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Oak Planks (texture) JE4 BE2.png Wall Sign wall_sign 68 44 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Iron Door (bottom texture) JE1 BE1.png Iron Door iron_door 71 47 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Lit Redstone Ore (inventory) JE6.png Lit Redstone Ore lit_redstone_ore 74 4A 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Off Redstone Torch (texture) JE1 BE1.png Unlit Redstone Torch unlit_redstone_torch 75 4B 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Sugar Cane (texture) JE1.png Sugar Cane reeds 83 53 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Cake (block item) JE1.png Cake cake 92 5C 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Off Redstone Repeater (texture) JE2 BE2.png Unpowered Redstone Repeater unpowered_repeater 93 5D 1.7.2 (13w37a)
On Redstone Repeater (texture) JE2 BE2.png Powered Redstone Repeater powered_repeater 94 5E 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Stem (texture) JE2 BE2.png Pumpkin Stem pumpkin_stem 104 68 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Stem (texture) JE2 BE2.png Melon Stem melon_stem 105 69 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Nether Wart Age 0 (texture) JE1 BE1.png Nether Wart nether_wart 115 73 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Brewing Stand (texture) JE1 BE1.png Brewing Stand brewing_stand 117 75 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Cauldron (top texture) JE1.png Cauldron cauldron 118 76 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Lit Redstone Lamp (inventory) JE2.png Lit Redstone Lamp lit_redstone_lamp 124 7C 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Tripwire (texture) JE2 BE1.png Tripwire tripwire 132 84 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Flower Pot (texture) JE1 BE1.png Flower Pot flower_pot 140 8C 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Skeleton Skull (item) JE1 BE1.png Skull skull 144 90 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Off Redstone Comparator (texture) JE2 BE1.png Unpowered Redstone Comparator unpowered_comparator 149 95 1.7.2 (13w37a)
On Redstone Comparator (texture) JE2 BE1.png Powered Redstone Comparator powered_comparator 150 96 1.7.2 (13w37a)
Missing Texture JE2.png Air air 0 0 1.7.2 (13w38c)
Water (block item) JE3.png Flowing Water flowing_water 8 08 1.8 (14w25a)
Water (block item) JE3.png Still Water water 9 09 1.8 (14w25a)
Lava (block item) JE2.png Flowing Lava flowing_lava 10 0A 1.8 (14w25a)
Lava (block item) JE2.png Still Lava lava 11 0B 1.8 (14w25a)
Double Stone Slab (block item) JE1.png Double Stone Slab double_stone_slab 43 2B 1.8 (14w25a)
Fire (block item) JE1.png Fire fire 51 34 1.8 (14w25a)
Nether Portal (block item) JE3.png Nether Portal portal 90 5A 1.8 (14w25a)
Missing Texture JE2.png End Portal end_portal 119 77 1.8 (14w25a)
Double Wooden Slab (block item) JE1.png Double Wooden Slab double_wooden_slab 125 7D 1.8 (14w25a)
Cocoa Age 0 (texture) JE1 BE1.png Cocoa cocoa 127 7F 1.8 (14w25a)
Root Vegetables Age 0 (texture) JE1 BE1.png Carrots carrots 141 8D 1.8 (14w25a)
Root Vegetables Age 0 (texture) JE1 BE1.png Potatoes potatoes 142 8E 1.8 (14w25a)
Lit Furnace (inventory) JE15.png Lit Furnace lit_furnace 62 3E 1.9 (15w49a)

History of inventory appearances[edit]

As these were never intended to be implemented, it is possible to observe drastic and unexpected texture changes on these blocks due to minor code changes elsewhere from version to version.

This section is missing information about
  • Will be more and more incomplete as time goes by. Must be remedied once all java appearances are known
  • Water and lava's early history as items: they were cubes
  • Likewise for the double stone slab: Double Stone Slab (block item) JE1.png
  • Confirm when the end portal item was made transparent
  • Sign block history
  • Update with sprites from other pages once they are completed. 
Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page.
Java Edition Indev
Minecraft Indev20100206Wheat Age 0 (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added wheat crops, with this texture as its unobtainable item form.
?Blank.png Added fire, whose item for is completely invisible.
?Fire (block item) JE1.png Fire is now visible as an item.
Java Edition Infdev
Minecraft Infdev20100607Oak Door (bottom texture) JE1.png Added oak doors.
As a result of a bug that also affects the fluid blocks in the world, water block items render with some of the lava texture and lava blocks some of the water texture.
20100608Fixed the above texture bug.
20100615Water (block item) JE1.png Lava (block item) JE1.png Water and lava item textures are now completely flat.
20100618Oak Door (bottom texture) JE2 BE1.png The textures of doors have been changed.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.1Iron Door (bottom texture) JE1 BE1.png Added iron doors.
Off Redstone Wire Cross (texture) JE1.png Added redstone wire.
Off Redstone Torch (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added redstone torches.
Lit Redstone Ore (inventory) JE1.png Added redstone ore.
v1.0.11Sugar Cane (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added sugar cane.
v1.2.0previewNether Portal (item) (NESW) JE1.png Nether portal blocks initially appear as full cubes as an item. However, the item changes on-the-fly Nether Portal (item) (EW) JE1.png Nether Portal (item) (NS) JE1.png every time a proper nether portal block is observed.
?Water and lava items now visually flow downward.
Java Edition Beta
1.2Cake (block item) JE1.png Added cake, oddly enough with a fully 3D rendered item model.
1.3Bed (bottom texture) JE1 BE1.png Added beds.
Smooth Stone Slab (side texture) JE1 BE1.png Smooth Stone Slab (side texture) JE1 BE1.png Added unpowered and powered redstone repeaters.
Redstone Wire Cross (texture) JE2 BE1.png Redstone wire's item texture has changed.
1.7Piston Head (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added piston heads.
Grass Block (top texture) JE3 BE1.png Added the moving piston block.
1.8Pre-releaseStem (texture) JE1 BE1.png Stem (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added pumpkin and melon stems.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 PrereleaseNether Wart Age 0 (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added nether wart.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 2Cauldron (side texture) JE1.png The cauldron item texture probably looked like this, since it also looked like this in prerelease 3 upon official implementation.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3Brewing Stand (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added brewing stands.
End Portal (cube) (inventory) JE1.png Added end portals, appearing as a cube as an item at first. However, upon targeting an existing end portal block, this texture becomes extremely thin and carpet-like due to this being the hitbox of end portal blocks at the time
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4Grass Block (top texture) JE3 BE1.png Changed the end portal item.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 5Grass Block (top texture) JE4 BE2.png Changed the moving piston block texture.
Grass Block (top texture) JE4 BE2.png Likewise changed the end portal block texture.
Oak Planks (texture) JE4 BE2.png This texture is now used by the item for of standing signs and wall signs - they probably used the prior planks texture before. Redstone Lamp (inventory) JE2.png The lit redstone lamp uses this appearence as an item. It probably used an older texture upon implementation though.
?Double wooden slabs added
1.3.112w19aCocoa Age 2 (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added cocoa.
12w22aTripwire (texture) JE1.png Tripwire's item probably used texture.
12w23aTripwire (inventory) JE2.png The texture tripwire uses almost certaintly changed to this.
1.3Stem (texture) JE2 BE2.png Stem (texture) JE2 BE2.png The pumpkin and melon stem item textures almost certaintly changed.
1.4.212w34aRoot Vegetables Age 0 (texture) JE1 BE1.png Root Vegetables Age 0 (texture) JE1 BE1.png Carrots and potatoes have been added.
Flower Pot (texture) JE1 BE1.png Flower pot items use this raw texture.
12w36aSoul Sand (texture) JE1 BE1.png The skull block uses the soul sand texture.
1.513w01aSmooth Stone Slab (side texture) JE1 BE1.png Smooth Stone Slab (side texture) JE1 BE1.png Added unpowered and powered comparators.
13w02aCauldron (top texture) JE1.png Changed the texture the cauldron item uses.
Piston Head (texture) JE1 BE1.png Changed the moving piston item texture.
Off Redstone Repeater (texture) JE2 BE2.png On Redstone Repeater (texture) JE2 BE2.png Repeaters now use their top textures.
Off Redstone Comparator (texture) JE2 BE1.png On Redstone Comparator (texture) JE2 BE1.png Comparators now use their top textures.
Lit Furnace (inventory) JE10.png The lit furnace item is now faceless.
End Portal (inventory) JE4.gif Changed the end portal item texture.
Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Following texture storage reforms, the usually-unobtainable wooden and iron door blocks, as well as the skull block, now appear completely invisible as an item.
13w02bSkeleton Skull (item) JE1 BE1.png The skull block now uses the skeleton skull item appearence.
13w03aMissing Texture JE1.png Missing Texture JE1.png The aforementioned wooden and iron door blocks now point to the missing texture, presumably to fix several crash bugs relating to invalid textures.
13w04aOak Door (bottom texture) JE2 BE1.png Iron Door (bottom texture) JE1 BE1.png The wooden and iron door block items now point to the door textures again.
1.7.213w38bMissing Texture JE2.png For the snapshot it existed as an item in, air had a missing texture.
13w42aWater (block item) JE3.png Water is now translucent as an item.
Nether Portal (item) (NESW) JE2.png Nether Portal (item) (EW) JE2.png Nether Portal (item) (NS) JE2.png Nether Portal (item) (unconnected) JE2.png Nether portal items are now translucent.
This version probably also made the end portal item translucent.
1.814w05aMissing Texture JE2.png The end portal texture is now this.
14w06aLit Furnace (inventory) JE11.png The lit furnace item now is completely correct.
14w10aFurnace (top texture) JE1 BE1.png The lit furnace's item is now its top texture.
14w17aCocoa Age 0 (texture) JE1 BE1.png The texture the cocoa item uses has changed.
14w18aNether Portal (block item) JE3.png Nether portal's item form is no longer 3D.
Lit Furnace (inventory) JE11.png The lit furnace item now is again correct.
14w25aLit Furnace (inventory) JE14.png The lit furnace item now uses a cube model with the missing texture.
1.915w31aLit Furnace (inventory) JE15.png Lit furnaces have no model and appear completely missing.

Bedrock Edition[edit]