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This article is about the versions for developers which were never issued and were not intended to be issued in any form. It is not to be confused with Development versions.
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A developer build, in contrast to a development version, is a version of Minecraft which is in the process of being developed, and is not intended to be publicly playable. Unlike development versions, developer versions seldom make it into the hands of non-Mojang parties, and those that do are generally the result of leaks.

List of known developer builds[]

Java Edition[]






  • Early builds of Alpha v1.2.0
  • Developer Alpha v1.2.2
  • Developer Alpha v1.2.5
  • Developer Alpha v1.2.6


  • Early builds of Beta 1.4
  • Early builds of Beta 1.5
  • Beta 1.6 Test Build 3
  • Early builds of Beta 1.6
  • Developer Beta 1.8

Developer versions with distinct version labels[]

Java Edition[]

Bedrock Edition[]

  • Pocket Edition v0.6.2 alpha
  • Pocket Edition v0.8.1 DEV1
  • Pocket Edition v0.9.0 alpha build 1 DEV MODE
  • Bedrock Edition v1.6.0 DEMO build development
  • Bedrock Edition beta build 3849713
  • Bedrock Edition build 4837185
  • Bedrock Edition build 5526115
  • Bedrock Edition build 6880185
  • Bedrock Edition build 7022333
  • Bedrock Edition build 9275582

Legacy Console Edition[]