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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Minecraft. 
This feature used to be in the game but has since been removed.
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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition and Education Edition. 

Developer commands are generally only enabled in the development and testing environment of the game. In release versions, players cannot see and execute these commands.

However, these developer exclusive commands were accidentally left in the iOS release of Bedrock Edition 1.2.13. They were removed in Bedrock Edition 1.2.14.[1][2]


Summary of Commands
Command Description OP level
/aigoals Enable/disable AI display of entities any
/automate Run a behavior tree any
/automateactivetool Run ActiveTool Behavior Tree any
/automatebreakblock Run BreakBlock behavior tree any
/automatefindblock Run FindBlock behavior tree any
/automatefly Run Fly behavior tree any
/automategetinteractionpositionforblock Run GetInteractionPositionForBlock behavior tree any
/automatelookat Run the LookAt behavior tree any
/automatemove Run Move behavior tree any
/automatemoveto Run MoveTo behavior tree any
/automateplaceblock Run PlaceBlock behavior tree any
/bhave Run a behavior tree any
/bounds Enable/disable the collision box and volume drawing of the entity any
/cleanroom This is a combination of /spawning and /wipeout command, so that remove all non-player entities any
/clearslot Clear the selected inventory
/clearinventory Clear the player's inventory any
/crash Crash Minecraft immediately admin
/crashclient Crash the Minecraft client immediately
/crashserver Instantly crash the Minecraft server
/createlocalworld Create a new world admin
/destroyblock Destroy the block at the specified coordinates
/dumpblocknames Get the names of all blocks in a range and output them as strings any
/dumpentitiesclient Get information about all entities in the current dimension
/dumpentitiesserver Get information about all entities in the current dimension
/enchantrandom Give random enchantments to items held by the player gamemasters
/fillchestblock Fill the chest with items any
/filldrive [more information needed]
/findanchoredbuildpos Given the coordinates of a target block, this command finds a valid standing position for the player to place the block at the target coordinate. any
/findflatarea Find a flat area for the player any
/findnearbypickups Find nearby drops for the player any
/fixbiomes Reload the biome of chunks around the player admin
/fly Set the player's flight status any
/getactivescreen Get the name of the currently screen admin
/getavgendframerate Returns the average end frame time any
/getavgremaindertimepercent Returns the average percentage of calculating time any
/getavgrendertime Returns the average rendering time any
/getavgticktime Returns the average tick time any
/getavgunaccountedtimepercent Returns the average percentage of unaccounted time any
/getblockname Get the name of the block with at specified coordinates any
/getbrightness Get current brightness any
/getchestcontents Get a list of items in the chest any
/getchunkdirtycount Returns the number of dirty chunks any
/getchunkrebuildcount Return the number of created chunks any
/getchunksortcount Return the number of chunks that have been sorted any
/getcpu Return CPU information any
/getdurability Check the durability of the selected item any
/getexperience Returns the player's experience level any
/getfps Returns the current frame rate of the game any
/getgpu Return GPU information any
/getgpumemory Return video memory size any
/getguiscale Returns the current GUI scale any
/getmsaalevel Return anti-aliasing level any
/getos Return operation system's version any
/getplayerbiome Get the biome here any
/getplayerid Return player's ID any
/getpos Get the player's current coordinates gamemasters
/getpower Detect the redstone power level of the specified coordinate block any
/getprofilersecondsperupdate Return the time taken by profiler stat any
/getresolution Return screen resolution any
/getselecteditemcount Detect hand-held items and its count any
/getskin Get the name of the player's current skin any
/getstructure Detect the structure here any
/getsysteminfo Return system related information any
/getsystemmem Return system memory size any
/getviewdistance Get the current visible distance any
/getworldname Detect the name of the current world gamemasters
/health Change the player's health gamemasters
/hunger Change the player's hunger value gamemasters
/islargechestblock Check if the target block is a large chest any
/isplayercrouching Check if the player is sneaking any
/isplayerflying Check if the player is flying any
/isplayergrounded Check if the player has landed any
/isworldloaded Check if the client has loaded the world admin
/kit Give players preset kit gamemasters
/leaveworld Leave the world and return to the main screen any
/loadbehaviortreedefinitions Load all automated behavior tree definitions any
/log Set and filter logs any
/lookat Force the player to look at a floating point coordinate any
/memwarn Issue low memory warning any
/nearbyentityisbaby Check whether the nearest entity is baby type any
/networkstats [more information needed] admin
/notifyprofiler [more information needed]
/paths Enable/disable pathfinding display any
/pause Simulate the action of the player pressing the pause button and enter the pause screen
/placefromhand If possible, place the blocks in your hand to the specified coordinates
/playerstat Get player status
/profile Get player profile any
/redstonetest Export redstone image to Visual Studio any
/register3pserver Register a third-party server in the third-party server's repository. any
/rot Set the player's current rotation angle
/selectinventoryitem Select specific items from the player's nine hotbar slots any
/sendmodalform Make a request to the specified player to display the form to them
/sendshowstoreoffer Send a request to show players the store offer any
/setbrightness Set the brightness level any
/setguiscale Set GUI scale any
/setskin Set player skin any
/setviewdistance Set view distance
/showallitems [more information needed]
/showfrustum [more information needed]
/simlock Lock the simulation time. any
/simscale Scale the simulating passage. any
/skin Get the name of the player's current skin
/spawnfeature Generate relic structure any
/spawning Set whether the entity can spawn naturally admin
/spawnitem Generate a entity of the item at a specific coordinate
/spawnmob Generate an entity with/without specific components
/stoptime Stop/continue time
/systemstat Return or set the running statistics of the game
/test Execute a test with Test Manager
/testassets Upload/download a test resource through Test Manager
/timelock Stop/continue time gamemasters
/tptosuitabletree Returns a position where the player can destroy a tree admin
/villages Enable/disable village debugging information display any
/wipeout Clear all non-player entities in all dimensions any

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