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The message displayed upon loading the demo world in Java Edition.

Minecraft Demo Mode is a demo version of Minecraft for users who have not purchased the game yet and would like to try it out first without purchasing it.

The demo version of Java Edition can be played free of charge by logging into the Minecraft Launcher with a Microsoft or Mojang Studios account that hasn't purchased the game yet, designed to replace the functionality of the outdated PC Gamer demo. This demo version consists of a single seed that can be played for up to 5 in-game days (1 hour and 40 minutes total).


The demo mode can be played by all players regardless of whether they have yet purchased the game. Demo Mode functionally serves to allow the players to try out the game before deciding to buy Minecraft. It allows players to play on a single world for a 100-minute (5 in-game days) period before the map is locked and required to be reset.

Custom skins can be applied in Bedrock Edition, and it is possible to install resource packs and modifications on the Java Edition demo.

While Demo Mode does not expire, it comes with certain restrictions as its sole purpose is to allow new players to try out Minecraft.


Java Edition[]

The following restrictions apply when playing the game in demo mode:

  • The demo map is preset and always generates with the same seed: -343522682, corresponding to the text seed North Carolina.
  • The game is locked to Survival mode and cheats are off by default.
    • Cheats can be unlocked and other game modes can be accessible by using Open to LAN.
  • Multiplayer servers are inaccessible, although LAN multiplayer is allowed, with the limitation that only 1 demo account is allowed on a server (this is because the default Minecraft name ('Player') cannot be changed).
  • The game time is limited to five in-game days (1 hour and 40 minutes real-time or 100 minutes total). After the time runs out, players can still navigate through the world, but their interactations with it are limited. Resetting the demo world also resets the demo timer.
    • Changing the in-game time forcibly with commands or external programs such as an NBT editor can reset the timer.
    • It is possible to gain (almost) unlimited time in the demo by changing the in-game time to extreme negative values (past the minimum 64-bit integer limit, which is -9223372036854655508). However, the number causes several problems such as zombies and creepers behaving passively to players.
    • The player can still attack/kill mobs and take damage. Their hunger, saturation, health, and drowning bars work as normal, but they cannot eat anything.
    • Breaking any block leads to the block being instantly restored, and placing any block leads to the block being deleted.
    • The player can still remove boats, but they cannot place them.
    • The player can still pick up dropped items.
  • "Demo" is displayed in the version notation on the title screen.

Minecraft Trial[]

On 20 December 2018 a Minecraft trial version for Android titled Minecraft Trial was released in 2019. However, restrictions from Java Edition, along with some new ones still apply; for example, some blocks and items are removed, including barriers and command blocks (all types). There are also trial versions for Windows and the PlayStation 4.

It has the following restrictions:

  • The time limit is 90 minutes of real-time.
  • The player isn't able to play Multiplayer, including LAN multiplayer. On the PlayStation 4, split-screen multiplayer is possible.
  • The player isn't able to change Global Resources and Add-ons, but can import custom skins.
  • The player is restricted to Survival mode.
  • The player is restricted from changing Cheats and World Options parts off.
  • The player is restricted from changing Trust Player Permissions.
  • The player is restricted from accessing Storage.
  • The player cannot change the world seed.
  • The player is restricted to Infinite world type.
    • There have been 5 demo seeds, which are 818010429, 29300, 1395001428, 1537846859 and 1193926712 in 1.19.


Java Edition
1.3.112w16aDemo mode added. During the snapshot releases, minecraft.jar must be launched directly with the --demo parameter.
1.3.2preUsers can play the demo mode in minecraft.net.[is this the correct version?]
1.7.2Users can no longer play the demo mode on minecraft.net.
November 26, 2013The latest launcher version (1.3.4) allows players who have not yet bought Minecraft to play the game's demo.
1.1217w13aTo reflect the addition of advancements, the startup message was changed to say "Check the advancements for hints" instead of "Check the achievements for hints".
1.13?Changed world spawn point, possible due to the #minecraft:valid_spawn tag.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.2.1A demo version was released, but was eventually removed from app stores.
v0.12.0A demo version was released in the Windows Phone Store for phones with Windows Phone 8.1.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU1 1.00 A demo version of the game is available for download.


  • It is possible to play in-game modes other than Survival in the demo mode by opening up the world to LAN with cheats enabled and executing /gamemode command. This does not remove the time limit, or the demo message.‌[Java Edition only]
  • In Java Edition, deleting the files "level.dat" and "level.dat_old" causes the timer to reset. Additionally, a new bonus chest spawns on the original spawn point.
  • Servers can be started with the --demo flag (this is technically what the launcher does). Everyone who joins the server sees the demo message.
  • If one tries to play a demo version before 1.3 from the launcher using a non-premium account, they can play the full version. This is because 1.3 is the version that added the demo mode to Minecraft, so earlier versions do not have the code necessary to recognize that they are in the demo.
  • Typing in "North Carolina" in the seed screen of the full version gives the same world seed as the demo version.‌[Java Edition only]
  • If the Minecraft shortcut and directory is moved to another hard drive, etc., it remains in the demo version, and the previous worlds do not appear.
  • It is possible to enter the server list by opening to LAN and enabling cheats, then executing the /kick @s command to see the option to go back to the server list. However, servers cannot be joined due to an invalid session. This is because, in demo mode, usernames are not authenticated.
  • If a world is downloaded, it can be played by putting the world folder in "saves" and renaming it to "Demo_World". If there is already "Demo_World", it must be first renamed or deleted. There is a chance that the demo timer has decreased or expired. This is due to the timer being used by the world's creator while building the world. Deleting "level.dat" and "level.dat_old" in such situations does not reset the timer.


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