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The Demo Mode is a demonstration version of Minecraft for users that have not yet purchased the game and would like to try it out first. The Java Edition demo can be played free-of-charge by registering a Minecraft account and logging into the launcher. It was designed to replace the functionality of the PC Gamer Demo.

Java Edition demo

The demo version for Java Edition serves to allow players to try out the game before making the decision to buy Minecraft. Players can play on a single survival world with the same seed (-343522682) for a 5 in-game day or 100 minute period before the map is locked and required to be reset.

Bedrock Edition demo

There are trial versions of Minecraft for Windows 10, Android, and PlayStation 4. Players can play on a survival world with the same seed (1537846859) for 90 minutes. There are many restrictions, including a lack of access to multiplayer and an inability to change the game mode.

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