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Sapling inventory
Debug World Type Overview 15w49a

The entire grid as seen from above (15w49a to 1.9.2).

Debug Mode is a world type added to Minecraft in 1.8, and is used to test block models, states and textures. It is useful to both Mojang and resource pack creators.

A player will always be in Spectator Mode and the difficulty is locked to peaceful. To access debug mode, hold the ⇧ Shift key while clicking the "World Type" button.

Debug mode consists of all Minecraft blocks in all their different block states in a single world, in a grid across a height of y=70 with a barrier floor at y=60. Every block state only generates once; the remainder of the map is empty.


  • It is still possible to change gamemodes and difficulty using the /gamemode and /difficulty commands
  • There are "5485" blocks total.
  • The gap between the wool and flowers are the ways pistons can go.