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Death messages are broadcast to everyone when a player dies, and to the pet's owner when a tamed wolf, cat, or parrot dies. Below is a list of death messages.
  • [Player] was shot by Arrow – caused by being killed by an arrow shot from a dispenser or summoned with /summon.
  • [Player] was shot by [Player/Mob] – caused by being killed by an arrow shot by a player or mob using a renamed bow or crossbow.
  • [Player] was slain by [Player/Mob] – caused by being attacked too much by a player or mob.
  • [Player] was pricked to death – caused by touching a cactus for too long.
  • [Player] drowned – caused by running out of air underwater and dying.
  • [Player] withered away – caused by dying from the Wither effect.
  • [Player] was struck by lightning – caused by dying when being struck by lightning.
  • [Player] fell from a high place – caused by dying when landing on a solid surface from falling from a high altitude.
  • [Player] tried to swim in lava – caused by dying in lava.
  • [Player] tried to swim in lava to escape [Player] – caused by dying in lava during combat with another player.
  • [Player] was pummeled by Wither – caused by dying to an explosion from The Wither.
  • [Player] hit the ground too hard – caused by using an Ender Pearl when the player's health bar is too low.
  • [Player] was squashed by a falling anvil – caused by dying from an anvil.
  • [Player] burned to death – caused by dying while on fire.
  • [Player] was killed by [Player] – caused by being killed by another player.
  • [Player] died –(on bedrock) caused by using the /kill command.
  • [Player] went up in flames – caused by dying in fire.
  • [Player] was stung to death – caused by dying to a bee
  • [Player] was killed by [Intentional Game Design] – caused by a bed exploding in the Nether or the End, or by a charged respawn anchor in the overworld or the End. It includes a clickable link to MCPE-28723.
  • [Player] went off with a bang – caused by dying to a firework explosion
  • [Player] discovered the floor was lava – caused by standing on a Magma Block or Campfire for too long
  • [Player] walked into danger zone due to [Player/Mob] – caused by being hurt by a player or mob and then being killed by magma block damage
  • [Player] was killed by magic –caused by being killed by the Ender Dragon or a potion.
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