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Daniel Rosenfeld
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Daniel Rosenfeld

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May 9, 1989 (age 32)[1]


Freelance musician





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Producing the music and sound in Minecraft, making Minecraft's official soundtrack

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Daniel Rosenfeld, also known as C418, is the producer of most music tracks in Minecraft[2] as well as the songs for all of the music discs except for Pigstep and Otherside which were made by Lena Raine. He also produced some sound effects for the game, such as footsteps, and released the game's official soundtrack, Minecraft - Volume Alpha, which includes all the music present in the game made by him up to the soundtrack's release, plus some bonus tracks. He has also released a second soundtrack album, titled Minecraft - Volume Beta, which includes more music and the remaining music disc tracks, as well as some music for various Minecraft productions.


Daniel Rosenfeld was born on May 9, 1989, in East Germany, and his parents were both from the Soviet Union. His brother, known as C818, introduced him to creating music with a computer, and since then he has had an interest in music.[3] Rosenfeld has one cat and a corgi.[4][5]

Music included in Minecraft[]

Main article: Music

Official Minecraft soundtracks[]

There are also official physical and non-physical copies made of the two soundtracks. They were released on vinyl, CD and for download.


  • His Minecraft skin is the default skin, but the head is replaced with a small variant of the texture for a jukebox.
  • C418 revealed in an AMA on Reddit that the ghast sounds are taken from his pet cat when he is disturbed while sleeping.[6] He was also going to have his cat voice ocelots, but since his cat never meows clearly, C418 decided to use cat sounds from Freesound instead.[7][8][9][10][11]
  • He got the nickname C418 from his brother, who is C818.[12]
  • C418 also created the soundtracks for the Mojang games Catacomb Snatch and 0x10c.
  • The soundtrack to the movie Minecraft: The Story of Mojang was created by C418.


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