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This article is about data pack contents. For other uses, see Dimension.
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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 

Dimensions are JSON files located in data packs that define dimensions for the game. New dimensions added can be accessed currently only by using commands, like /execute in <dimension> run tp <coordinates>.

Dimension type[]

Dimension types are stored as JSON files within a data pack, at the path data/<namespace>/dimension_type/<name>.json.


  • The root
    •  ultrawarm: Whether the dimensions behaves like the nether (water evaporates and sponges dry) or not. Also lets stalactites drip lava and causes lava to spread faster and thinner.
    •  natural: When false, compasses spin randomly, and using a bed to set the respawn point or sleep, is disabled. When true, nether portals can spawn zombified piglins.
    •  coordinate_scale: The multiplier applied to coordinates when leaving the dimension. Value between 0.00001 and 30000000.0 (both inclusive)。
    •  has_skylight: Whether the dimension has skylight or not.
    •  has_ceiling: Whether the dimension has a bedrock ceiling. Note that this is only a logical ceiling. It is unrelated with whether the dimension really has a block ceiling.
    •  ambient_light: How much light the dimension has. When set to 0, it completely follows the light level; when set to 1, there is no ambient lighting. Precise effects need testing [needs testing].
    •  fixed_time: (optional) If this is set to an int, the time of the day is the specified value. To ensure a normal time cycle, leave the attribute undefined (i.e, do not include it).
    •  monster_spawn_light_level: Value between 0 and 15 (both inclusive). Maximum light required when the monster spawns. The formula of this light is: max( skyLight - 10, blockLight ) during thunderstorms, and max( internalSkyLight, blockLight ) during other weather.
      • Int provider
    •  monster_spawn_block_light_limit: Value between 0 and 15 (both inclusive). Maximum block light required when the monster spawns.
    •  piglin_safe: Whether Piglin and hoglin shake and transform to zombified entities.
    •  bed_works: When false, the bed blows up when trying to sleep.
    •  respawn_anchor_works: When false, the respawn anchor blows up when trying to set spawn point.
    •  has_raids: Whether players with the Bad Omen effect can cause a raid.
    •  logical_height: The maximum height to which chorus fruits and nether portals can bring players within this dimension. This excludes portals that were already built above the limit as they still connect normally. Cannot be greater than  height.
    •  min_y: The minimum height in which blocks can exist within this dimension. Must be between -2032 and 2031 and be a multiple of 16 (effectively making 2016 the maximum).
    •  height: The total height in which blocks can exist within this dimension. Must be between 16 and 4064 and be a multiple of 16. The maximum building height = min_y + height - 1, which cannot be greater than 2031.
    •  infiniburn: A block tag with #. Fires on these blocks burns infinitely.
    •  effects: (optional, defaults to minecraft:overworld) Can be "minecraft:overworld", "minecraft:the_nether" and "minecraft:the_end". Determines the dimension effect used for this dimension. Setting to overworld makes the dimension have clouds, sun, stars and moon. Setting to the nether makes the dimension have thick fog blocking that sight, similar to the nether. Setting to the end makes the dimension have dark spotted sky similar to the end, ignoring the sky and fog color.

These are the settings used by the 3 dimensions present in Vanilla and the additional Overworld Caves settings provided by Minecraft.


Dimensions used to be stored as JSON files within a data pack, at the path data/<namespace>/dimension/<name>.json. Now the world preset has a higher priority, as long as the world preset is used (even using the default preset), the dimension folder doesn't work at all (see Custom world preset for details). With custom world preset it is possible to fully customize all dimensions.


  • The root tag.
    •  type: The ID of the dimension type. Can be preset minecraft:overworld, minecraft:overworld_caves, minecraft:the_nether, minecraft:the_end, or a custom dimension type
    •  generator: Generation settings used for that dimension.
      • Generator

Multi-noise biome source parameter list[]

When the generator of a dimension is noise and its biome source is multi_noise, a preset can be specified in the  preset field. This field can be an ID or an object of a multi-noise biome source parameter list.

A multi-noise biome source parameter list is stored as JSON files within a data pack, at the path data/<namespace>/worldgen/multi_noise_biome_source_parameter_list/<name>.json. It is used to avoid changing world preset files when adding new biomes to experimental data packs. For modders and data pack creators, it is useless.


  • The root tag.
    •  preset: A hardcoded preset of the parameter list of biomes to be used. Must be one of overworld and nether.


Java Edition
1.16Pre-release 1Added dimension and dimension_type to data packs.
1.16.220w29aThe noise settings for custom dimensions have been moved from dimension to worldgen in data packs.
pre1Custom dimensions now use the same folder pattern in data packs as other resources: namespace/<type>/resource.json.
pre2The dimension type's  shrunk has been replaced with  coordinate_scale.
1.1720w49aAdded  min_y and  height to the dimension type.
1.1922w11aRemoved the seed field in noise generator and the_end biome source, and the world seed is now always used for all dimensions.
Dimension types can no longer be inlined in the dimension, they have to be a reference to a separate dimension_type file.
1.19-pre1Added  monster_spawn_block_light_limit and  monster_spawn_light_level to the dimension type. multi-noise biome source parameter list.