This article contains content about features that are outdated or have been removed from the game.
These features may only exist in older versions of Minecraft, or were possibly never even implemented.

Crying Obsidian[1] refers to a leaked, abandoned project by Jeb[2] to implement a change-spawn obelisk.[3] They appear as blue-detailed obsidian blocks that look as if they are crying/bleeding.

This texture was added in Beta 1.3, but was never used in the game. It closely resembles obsidian. It also appears to be a sandstone or a bedrock texture modified to look like obsidian. It is also known as "Bleeding Obsidian" among many members for its appearance instead of its official name, crying obsidian.

Crying obsidian's original intended use was to set the spawn point at the given place, but was scrapped with the introduction of beds. However, this block can be added to the game through mods, although these blocks will not appear in multiplayer worlds unless the multiplayer server has the same mod installed.

In Beta 1.5, the texture slot for crying obsidian was replaced by a grayscale replacement of the side of grassy dirt blocks, which is used for biome-compliant grassy dirt block sides, such as Mycelium.


  • Jeb received a message around February 2012 saying: "Will you bring back Crying Obsidian?" and Jeb replied: "When I make more preparations for texture space."[4]
  • The Pirate language term for obsidian is "Rock o' Tears", which is possibly a reference to crying obsidian.


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