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Crowdin is a localization management platform to make a website, app, game and other software universally accessible through translation. Minecraft: Java Edition and the Minecraft Launcher use Crowdin to enable the community to translate the game into its over 100 available languages. The Minecraft project in Crowdin is currently owned by Jens Bergensten and managed by Nathan Adams, Erik Broes, Aleksandra Zając, Tommaso Checchi, Adrian Östergård, and Pär Axelsson.

All other editions are translated by professional firms rather than Crowdin.


Minecraft has two projects on Crowdin: the translation of Minecraft: Java Edition (which includes the "Minecraft Game" and "Realms Strings" files for multiple versions) and the translation of the Minecraft Launcher. Both Crowdin projects, which are open to the public, consist of over 100 different languages. Users can contribute to any of the languages listed on the project and require a Crowdin account to do so.


A user first joining the project is a translator. Translators can contribute by selecting their language of choice, where they can start translating individual strings. Translators can upvote strings by clicking the "+" button after a listed string, or downvote for strings by clicking the "-" button. The number after the buttons shows the net vote count of each string.[1]

The link to the translators community discord is available here.


Proofreaders are experienced translators who moderate their language and ensure translations are of the best quality (e.g., correct, consistent, fitting in UIs etc.). They have additional permissions, such as being able to approve, disapprove, or delete any translation, as well as resolve issues submitted by translators. However, proofreaders cannot vote for strings (since approved translations always surpass the most upvoted ones).[1] Part of their role is to guide translators and take action against inappropriate behaviors within their language's project. Such behaviors include vandalism as well as the use of machine translations and sock puppet accounts.[2][3]

Mojang may promote a user to proofreader if certain requirements are met (e.g., user having a good amount of experience, high and long-term engagement, good attitude and reputation, language needing more proofreaders etc.). Because maturity and professionalism are two essential requirements, proofreaders have to be over the age of 18.[2] Typically, each language has 1-2 active proofreaders.[4]

The list of current and former proofreaders of every language is available here.[1]


Main article: Language

The list of languages which Minecraft is currently being translated into is displayed on this page. This page also shows languages which are completely translated and which still require translations.

Especially in languages ​​with little activity, some strings may not have been properly translated or proofread and can therefore contain mistakes, problems, or even vandalism. Mojang is not responsible for such content. If an error is found in a language, it should not be reported in the bug tracker but, instead, addressed directly to the respective proofreaders on Crowdin.

New versions[]

Each Java Edition version has its own language files, so previous translations which have since been updated can be found in an old Java Edition version.

During the development of a new version of the Java Edition, Mojang adds a new file for the next release number. On every snapshot release (if the strings have been changed), Mojang uploads the strings to Crowdin. Approximately every second snapshot the updated translations are added to the game.

After a new stable version has been released, the translation changes are downloaded more irregularly, depending on the demand. Some months after the release, old translation files are removed from Crowdin.

Translation specifications[]

Mojang has defined some terms in January 2016, which should be the same in all languages ​​and all versions and should not be translated because they are standard Minecraft terms. Some of these include "Creeper", "Enderman" and "Nether". A complete glossary of all specifications is available here.

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