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"Crops" are defined as "cultivated plants or agricultural produce, such as grain, vegetables, or fruit, considered as a group" (source: American Heritage Dictionary). In Minecraft, "crops" may refer to the following food-related items and blocks:

  • Wheat Seeds – The growing wheat seeds block is called "Crops" in-game.
    • Wheat – The crop harvested from fully-grown wheat planted from wheat seeds.
  • Beetroot Seeds – A crop harvested from beetroots.
    • Beetroot – A crop harvested from beetroots.
  • Carrot – The crop harvested from carrots.
  • Potato – A crop harvested from potatoes.
  • Melon – The fruit crop harvested from fully-grown melons planted from melon seeds.
  • Pumpkin – The fruit crop harvested from fully-grown pumpkins planted from pumpkin seeds.
  • Torchflower Seeds
  • Pitcher Pod
  • Farmland – The block where all the previous crops can and should be planted. It is created by using a hoe on dirt or grass.
  • Bamboo – The crop harvested from a bamboo sapling.
  • Cocoa Beans – The crop harvested from cocoa plants.
  • Sugar Cane – The crop harvested from sugar canes.
  • Sweet Berries – The crop harvested from a sweet berry bush.
  • Cactus – The crop harvested from itself. Can only be planted on any sand block.
  • Mushrooms – The crop harvested from itself. As long it is planted in dark areas or on podzol or mycelium it can be grown into a giant mushroom by adding bone meal. Also can spread under the same conditions.
  • Kelp – The crop harvested from itself. It can be planted anywhere underwater.
  • Sea Pickle – The crop harvested from itself. Should be planted on any alive coral block underwater. If all conditions are met can also spread over other coral blocks when planted.
  • Nether Wart – A crop that can only be planted on soul sand. Primarily used for brewing.
  • Chorus Fruit – A crop harvested from chorus plants.
  • Fungus – A mushroom that grows in the Nether that is planted on nylium. With bone meal, these become huge fungi, with crimson and warped variants.
  • Glow Berries – A crop harversted from cave vines.


If you are looking for information on how to farm or grow crops, see Tutorials/Crop Farming.


  • Wheat, carrot, and potato's crop breaking sounds are a high-pitched variant of the dirt breaking sound.
  • Pumpkin and melon stems have the stone breaking sound.
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