Cooked  Chicken is an edible food item that is obtained when Raw Chicken is cooked in a Furnace, CampfireSmoker, or when a Chicken is killed by Fire. It restores FoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbaricon when eaten. Butcher Villagers will sell cooked chicken for Emeralds.

As a food source:


  • Restores a good amount of hunger points.
  • Lots of saturation.
  • Chickens are farmed easily. They also occasionally lay eggs, which will create more chickens.
  • It does not have a chance of inflicting hunger, unlike raw chicken.


  • Chickens spawn somewhat randomly, and thus there may be issues finding a steady supply of them.
  • Chickens require Seeds for Breeding.
  • Cooking the chicken requires fuel unless the chicken happens to be killed with fire, Lava, or a Fire Aspect/Flame enchanted Weapon.
  • Each Chicken will only drop a single raw chicken when killed (but you can get multiple pieces of raw chicken with the looting enchantment). This means that other passive Mobs are recommended since they have more plentiful Item drops than chickens.


  • Cooked chicken previously had a texture that was "smoother" in appearance. It was then changed to have a black outline, before finally changing once more in update 1.4, which removed the black outline and made it look more realistic.
  • Chicken was the third food to be added to Minecraft, including raw and cooked versions.
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