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Community Celebration was an event that took place between December 8, 2020 and January 13, 2021. During the event, players were able to claim and download four maps made by the community for free, as well as new character creator items, for Bedrock Edition. Players on Java Edition were also able to redeem free content, as well as a free week of Realms. The content was made by community creators PixelHeads, Noxcrew, Gamemode One, Mithey, and Jigarbov Productions. Mojang Studios ran the event in order to thank the community for investing time and talent into the game.[1][2][3]


Java Edition[]

Reward Image Type Creator Date
Striding Hero Skin Pack[4] Striding Hero.jpeg Skin pack Mithey December 14, 2020
Striding Hero[5] Striding Hero.png Map December 21, 2020
Terra Swoop Force[6] Terraswoopforce.jpeg Noxcrew December 28, 2020

Bedrock Edition[]

Reward Image Type Creator Date
Crane Boom Arm CraneBoomArm.png Character creator item Jigarbov Productions December 8, 2020
Residential Zone ResidentialZoneHat.png December 9, 2020
Cement Feet CementFeet.png December 10, 2020
Commercial Zone CommercialZoneHat.png December 11, 2020
Crane Base Leg CraneBaseLeg.png December 12, 2020
Industrial Zone IndustrialZoneHat.png December 13, 2020
Graph Chain GraphChainOuterwear.png December 14, 2020
Simburbia[4] Simburbia.jpeg Map
Chicken Hat ChickenHat.png Character creator item PixelHeads December 15, 2020
Chicken Body ChickenBodyOuterwear.png December 16, 2020
Chicken Arms ChickenArms.png December 17, 2020
Chicken Legs ChickenLegs.png December 18, 2020
Cowboy Hat CowboyHat.png December 19, 2020
Cowboy Pants CowboyPants.png December 20, 2020
Scarecrow Head ScarecrowHead.png December 21, 2020
Farm Life[5] Farmlife.jpeg Map
Noxcrew Shirt 2020 NoxcrewShirt2020.png Character creator item Noxcrew December 22, 2020
Buildy the Pickaxe BuildyPickaxe.png December 23, 2020
GDL Jetpack GDLJetpack.png December 24, 2020
Boat Shark Inflatable BoatSharkInflatable.png December 25, 2020
GDL Scientist Disguise GDLScientistDisguise.png December 26, 2020
Unicorn Helmet UnicornHelmet.png December 27, 2020
GDL Flight Suit Wings GDLFlightSuitWings.png December 28, 2020
Terra Swoop Force[note 1][7][6] Terraswoopforce.jpeg Map
Sunflower Sunglasses SunflowerSunglasses.png Character creator item Gamemode One December 29, 2020
Mushroom Cap MushroomCap.png December 30, 2020
Mycelium Mantle MyceliumMantle.png December 31, 2020
Gardening Overalls GardeningOveralls.png January 1, 2021
Fungal Spores FungalSpores.png January 2, 2021
Flowery Vines FloweryVines.png January 3, 2021
Flower Pot Hat FlowerPotHat.png January 4, 2021
Bloom[8] Bloom.jpeg Map
Tangled Lights TangledLights.png Character creator item Minecraft January 5, 2021
Celebration Sweater! CelebrationSweater.png January 6, 2021
Discoball Head DiscoballHead.png January 7, 2021
  1. Players on Nintendo Switch were not offered Terra Swoop Force by Mojang Studios due to performance issues. Instead, it was substituted for Grid Runners, another free map by Noxcrew.