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Permission level

2‌[JE only]
1‌[BE only]



Sends a JSON message to players.


  • Java Edition
tellraw <targets> <message>
  • Bedrock Edition
tellraw <target: target> <raw json message: json>


JE<targets>: entity
BE: target: target: CommandSelector<Player>

Specifies the player(s) to send the message to.
Must be a player name, a target selector or a UUID[Java Edition only]. And the target selector must be of player type.

JE<message>: component
BE: raw json message: json: Json::Value

Specifies the message to send.
Must be a raw JSON text.


CommandTriggerJava EditionBedrock Edition
anythe arguments are not specified correctly Unparseable Failed
<targets> or player: target fails to resolve to one or more online players Failed
On successDisplays message to the targeted player(s).


Command Edition Situation Success Count /execute store success ... /execute store result ...
any Java Edition On fail 0 0 0
On success 1 1 the number of targeted players
Bedrock Edition On fail 0 N/A N/A
On success 1 N/A N/A


  • To send the message "Hello" in chat:
  • To send the message "I am blue" colored blue in chat:
    • /tellraw @a {"text":"I am blue","color":"blue"}[Java Edition only]
    • /tellraw @a {"rawtext":[{"text":"§9I am blue"}]}[Bedrock Edition only]
    • If you want to use a hex code:
    • /tellraw @a {"text":"I am blue","color":"#5555ff"}[Java Edition only]
  • To send the message "Hover me!" in chat, which displays the text "Hi!" when hovered over:
    • /tellraw @a {"text":"Hover me!","hoverEvent":{"action":"show_text","value":"Hi!"}}[Java Edition only]
  • Use '\n' to insert a new line:
  • Using values in translations
    • /tellraw @a {"rawtext":[{"translate":"chat.type.announcement","with":["value1","value2"]}]} Localization: chat.type.announcement=[%s] %s‌[Bedrock Edition only]


For changes to the raw JSON text used by this command, see Raw JSON text format § History.

Java Edition
1.7.2 13w37a Added /tellraw.
Bedrock Edition
1.9.0 beta Added /tellraw.

See also[]

  • /say — send a plain text message to all players
  • /titleraw - display a JSON-formatted as a title
  • /tell, /msg — send a plain private text message to specific players