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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Minecraft. 
This feature used to be in the game but has since been removed.

Places a configured feature at the specified location where meet the placement requirements.


/placefeature <feature> [<pos>]


<feature>: resource

Must be a resource location.
Specifies the feature to place. Must be one of the following IDs (case sensitive):
  1. Same with requirements defined in subclasses of net.minecraft.data.worldgen.features basically.

<pos>: block_pos

Specifies the position of the origin for the configured feature to be placed.
It must be a block position composed of <x>, <y> and <z>, each of which must be an integer or a tilde and caret notation.


CommandTriggerJava Edition
anythe arguments are not specified correctly Unparseable
the requirements for the selected feature are not met Failed
On successGenerates the feature in the specified location


CommandEditionSituationSuccess Count/execute store success .../execute store result ...
anyJava EditionOn fail000
On success111


Java Edition
1.18.222w03aAdded /placefeature.
1.18.2-pre3Changed from resource_location to resource argument type for the feature argument.
1.1922w18aRemoved /placefeature in favor of /place
Bedrock Edition
1.18.30beta /placefeature. However, it may be removed again due to the commands being not fully implemented.[1]
beta /placefeature temporarily.