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Permission level

2‌[JE only]
1‌[BE only]


Cheat only‌[BE only]

Displays the coordinates for the closest generated structure of a given type in the chat for the player who executed the command.


  • Java Edition
/locate <StructureType>
  • Bedrock Edition
/locate <feature: Feature>


JE: <StructureType>
BE: feature: Feature

Specifies the structure to locate. Must be one of the following:
Feature name Java Edition Bedrock Edition Dimension
Bastion remnant bastion_remnant bastionremnant The Nether
Buried treasure buried_treasure buriedtreasure Overworld
End city endcity endcity The End
Fortress fortress fortress The Nether
Woodland mansion mansion mansion Overworld
Mineshaft mineshaft mineshaft Overworld
Monument monument monument Overworld
Nether fossil nether_fossil The Nether
Ocean ruins ocean_ruin ruins Overworld
Pillager outpost pillager_outpost pillageroutpost Overworld
Ruined portal ruined_portal ruinedportal Overworld, The Nether
Shipwreck shipwreck shipwreck Overworld
Stronghold stronghold stronghold Overworld
Desert pyramid desert_pyramid temple Overworld
Igloo igloo
Jungle pyramid jungle_pyramid
Swamp hut swamp_hut
Village village village Overworld
In Java Edition, the structure type is case-sensitive.


The vertical coordinate of the structure is ignored when finding.

In Java Edition, structures in the Anvil chunk region of the command's execution are prioritized over others due to a bug, meaning the found structure is not necessarily the closest.[1]

If successful, in Java Edition, the following message is sent to chat: "The nearest <structure_type> is at [<x> ~ <z>] (<distance> blocks away)", in which <distance> is the horizontal distance between the executor and the structure feature. And the coordinates can be clicked, which can put the command /tp @s <x> ~ <z> in the chat box. The command can then be executed, and the player will be sent to those coordinates.


CommandTriggerJava EditionBedrock Edition
anythe arguments are not specified correctly Unparseable Failed
the requested feature doesn't generate in this dimension Failed
unable to locate the requested feature within a square of 201×201 chunks[needs testing in Bedrock Edition]
On successDisplays the coordinates for the closest structure of the given type in the chat


CommandEditionSituationSuccess Count/execute store success .../execute store result ...
anyJava EditionOn fail000
On success11horizontal distance between the executor and the structure feature
Bedrock EditionOn fail0N/AN/A
On success1N/AN/A


  • To obtain the coordinates of the nearest woodland mansion: /locate mansion


Java Edition
1.1116w39aAdded /locate.
1.1318w06a/locate now accepts different structure names for all structures previously grouped under Temple: Desert_Pyramid, Igloo, Jungle_Pyramid, and Swamp_Hut.
18w08aAdded a clickable teleport link to the /locate command output.
1.1620w11aNether fossils can now be located.
20w21aStructure names are now specified as lowercase.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.18.222w03a/locate now uses a namespace ID parameter instead of hard coded values.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha /locate.
alpha /locate.
alpha /locate. Works only for strongholds.
1.1.0alpha can now find other structures.