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Sets or queries a game rule value.


  • Java Edition
gamerule <rule name> [<value>]
  • Bedrock Edition
gamerule <rule: BoolGameRule> [value: Boolean]
gamerule <rule: IntGameRule> [value: int]


Arguments in Java Edition are case sensitive. Arguments in Bedrock Edition are shown for tab autocompletion as lowercase, but when typed are case-insensitive.

JE: <rule name>
BE: rule: BoolGameRule: enum and rule: IntGameRule: enum

Specifies the game rule to set or query.
Must be one of the predefined game rules; see Game rule.

JE: <value>
BE: value: Boolean: enum and value: int: int

Specifies the value to set the game rule to. If not specified, queries the value of the game rule instead of setting it.
Only true or false specified for predefined game rules can affect gameplay, except in the case of maxEntityCramming, randomTickSpeed, spawnRadius, playersSleepingPercentage, functionCommandLimit and maxCommandChainLength where any integer affects (-2147483648~2147483647) gameplay; see Game rule.


CommandTriggerJava EditionBedrock Edition
anythe arguments are not specified correctly Unparseable Unparseable


CommandEditionSituationSuccess Count/execute store success .../execute store result ...
anyJava EditionOn success11the current value of the game rule
Bedrock EditionOn success1N/AN/A


  • To stop the day-night cycle: gamerule doDaylightCycle false
  • To stop natural healing: gamerule naturalRegeneration false
  • To stop creepers, ghasts and other mobs from modifying blocks: gamerule mobGriefing false
  • To stop the natural cycle of weather: gamerule doWeatherCycle false
  • For the player, so that they can keep all of their valuables when they die: gamerule keepInventory true
  • To stop TNT from exploding: gamerule tntExplodes false[BE only]
  • To stop command blocks from showing what they do: gamerule commandBlockOutput false
  • To stop phantoms spawning:gamerule doInsomnia false


Java Edition
1.4.212w32aAdded /gamerule.
1.814w29aAdded the ability to create custom dummy gamerules.
1.1317w45a/gamerule no longer accepts unknown values (dummy gamerules).
Values to /gamerule are now type-checked.
Pocket Edition
1.0.5alpha /gamerule.
Bedrock Edition
?Command segments rule: BoolGameRule or rule: IntGameRule no longer accept dummy gamerules.

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