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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition and Education Edition. 

Used for managing active fog settings for players.


fog <victim: target> push <fogID: string> <userProvidedId: string>
Pushes a fog into the specified fog stack of targeted players.
fog <victim: target> <mode: delete> <userProvidedId: string>
Pops a fog from the specified fog stack, or removes the whole fog stack of targeted players.


victim: target: CommandSelector<player>

Specifies the entity(s) to be targeted.
Must be a player name or a target selector. And it should be of player type.

fogID: string: basic_string

Specifies the biome fog to display.
Must be a string. And it must be a single word that has no space or a quoted string. Should be in a fog setting name defined under the Json path "minecraft:fog_settings"."identifier" in the <resource_pack>/fogs/<fog_setting>.json file).

mode: delete: enum

Specifies whether to pop or remove the fog stack.
Must be one of pop and remove.

userProvidedId: string: basic_string

Specified the id of a fog stack.
Must be a string. And it must be a single word that has no space or a quoted string.

Vanilla Fog Setting ID's[]

Here are all the fog setting ID's that are currently in the game.

  • minecraft:fog_bamboo_jungle
  • minecraft:fog_bamboo_jungle_hills
  • minecraft:fog_basalt_deltas
  • minecraft:fog_beach
  • minecraft:fog_birch_forest
  • minecraft:fog_birch_forest_hills
  • minecraft:fog_cold_beach
  • minecraft:fog_freezing_ocean
  • minecraft:fog_cold_taiga
  • minecraft:fog_cold_taiga_hills
  • minecraft:fog_cold_taiga_mutated
  • minecraft:fog_crimson_forest
  • minecraft:fog_deep_cold_ocean
  • minecraft:fog_deep_frozen_ocean
  • minecraft:fog_deep_lukewarm_ocean
  • minecraft:fog_deep_cold_ocean
  • minecraft:fog_deep_warm_ocean
  • minecraft:fog_default
  • minecraft:fog_desert
  • minecraft:fog_desert_hills
  • minecraft:fog_extreme_hills
  • minecraft:fog_extreme_hills_edge
  • minecraft:fog_extreme_hills_mutated
  • minecraft:fog_extreme_hills_plus_trees
  • minecraft:fog_extreme_hills_plus_trees_mutated
  • minecraft:fog_flower_forest
  • minecraft:fog_forest
  • minecraft:fog_forest_hills
  • minecraft:fog_frozen_ocean
  • minecraft:fog_frozen_river
  • minecraft:fog_hell
  • minecraft:fog_ice_mountains
  • minecraft:fog_ice_plains
  • minecraft:fog_ice_plains_spikes
  • minecraft:fog_jungle
  • minecraft:fog_jungle_edge
  • minecraft:fog_jungle_hills
  • minecraft:fog_jungle_mutated
  • minecraft:fog_lukewarm_ocean
  • minecraft:fog_mega_spruce_taiga
  • minecraft:fog_mega_spruse_taiga_mutated
  • minecraft:fog_mega_taiga
  • minecraft:fog_mega_taiga_hills
  • minecraft:fog_mega_taiga_mutated
  • minecraft:fog_mesa
  • minecraft:fog_mesa_bryce
  • minecraft:fog_mesa_mutated
  • minecraft:fog_mesa_plateau
  • minecraft:fog_mushroom_island
  • minecraft:fog_mushroom_island_shore
  • minecraft:fog_ocean minecraft:fog_plains
  • minecraft:fog_river
  • minecraft:fog_roofed_forest
  • minecraft:fog_savanna
  • minecraft:fog_savanna_mutated
  • minecraft:fog_savanna_plateau
  • minecraft:fog_soulsand_valley
  • minecraft:fog_stone_beach
  • minecraft:fog_sunflower_plains
  • minecraft:fog_swampland
  • minecraft:fog_swampland_mutated
  • minecraft:fog_taiga
  • minecraft:fog_taiga_hills
  • minecraft:fog_taiga_mutated
  • minecraft:fog_the_end
  • minecraft:fog_warm_ocean
  • minecraft:fog_warped_forest


CommandTriggerBedrock Edition
anythe arguments are not specified correctly Failed
if victim: target fails to resolve to one or more online players (named players must be online)
fog ... push ...if the specified fog setting does not exist.
fog ... <mode: delete> ...if the specified fog stack of targeted players is empty
anyOn successFog setting successfully added


CommandEditionSituationSuccess Count
anyBedrock EditionOn fail0
On success1[verify]


Bedrock Edition
1.16.100beta /fog.