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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition and Education Edition. 

Used to trigger an event on an entity.


event entity <target: target> <eventName: string>


target: target: CommandSelector<Actor>

Must be a player name or a target selector.
Specifies the target(s) to execute an entity event.

eventName: string: string

Specifies the in-game event for the entity. Should be a spawn event (event name for entities in behavior pack).
Must be a string. And it must be a single word that has no space or a quoted string.


CommandTriggerBedrock Edition
anythe arguments are not specified correctly Unparseable
target: target fails to resolve to one or more entities (named players must be online) Failed
all selected entities don't have this specified events declared in the events section of the entity definition file
On successEvent is executed


CommandEditionSituationSuccess Count
anyBedrock EditionOn fail0
On successthe number of types of entities that is executed entity event


Bedrock Edition
1.16.100beta /event.