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Education Edition 1.7

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Banner for the Code Builder Update.

Code Builder Update

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The Code Builder Update, released as Education Edition 1.7, was a major update to Minecraft Education released on November 12, 2018, that added features equating to Update Aquatic (Phase 2) for Bedrock Edition (1.5.0). It also includes improved in-game coding.[1][2][3] This update also added phantoms and barriers.


This version also adds features from Bedrock Edition 1.5.0 and 1.6.0.

Agent Improvements (based on community feedback)
  • /remove
  • Players will be able to show the agent coordinates on the HUD
  • /summon agent now creates or teleports the executor’s agent to the executor.
  • New command selectors
    • @c to target the executor’s agent, @v to target all agents
    • Only players with the permission worldbuilders can target all agents. By default all users will have wordbuilder permissions set to false.
  • The usual type filters can also be used to target particular agents, so /tp @e[type=Agent,name=Steve.Agent] @s for instance would look through all entities for those of type agent whose name is Steve.Agent and teleport them to the executor. For more of a shorthand you could do /tp @v[name=Steve.Agent] @s to target a particular person's agent that's not your own
  • Added spawn eggs for agents
Library Beta
  • Allows players to view and download worlds in-game without having to go to our website. Players will see a new button on their home screen called "Library" which leads to a list of dynamically generated "must have" worlds
  • Added mouse and keyboard control tips to the in-game HUD, to help players learn the how to move, break/place blocks, etc.
  • On by default for teachers and off by default for students, and can be configured in the settings menu.
"How to Play" menu
  • Added Education content to the "How to Play" menu.
Educator Resources
  • A button on the home screen (which will show for teachers only) that takes users to a new resource on our website designed to connect them with the latest and greatest training, lessons and community content


  • Code Builder can now be used in the game rather than via a separate app. Players will be able to launch code builder using C if you are using a mouse/keyboard or by pressing the agent icon next to pause/chat on the top center of the screen while on touch.
  • Code.org and Scratch will not be present at launch in-game. The Code Connection app can still be used to use these applications.
  • Removed /code.