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Coarse dirt is a variation of dirt on which grass block cannot spread.



Coarse dirt drops itself as an item when mined using any tool or by hand, but a shovel is the quickest.

Block Coarse Dirt
Hardness 0.5
Breaking time[A]
Default 0.75
Wooden 0.4
Stone 0.2
Iron 0.15
Diamond 0.1
Netherite 0.1
Golden 0.1
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools as wielded by players with no status effects, measured in seconds. For more information, see Breaking § Speed.

Natural generation[]

Coarse dirt can be found as large patches in the windswept savanna, wooded badlands, and two variants of old growth taiga biomes.

It also generates in mushroom farm rooms in woodland mansions and in trail ruins.

Mob loot[]

An enderman holding coarse dirt drops the block upon death.


Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Coarse Dirt Dirt +



Coarse dirt has the ability to grow saplings, sugar canes, mushrooms, bamboo, flowers, and sweet berries, which can be planted directly under appropriate conditions.

Neither mycelium nor grass can spread onto coarse dirt.

Coarse dirt can be tilled using a hoe to become normal dirt. There must be an empty space above the coarse dirt for it to be tilled.

Using any type of shovel on coarse dirt turns it into a dirt path.


Using a water bottle, splash water bottle or lingering water bottle will convert the coarse dirt into mud.



Java Edition:

SoundSubtitlesSourceDescriptionResource locationTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
Block brokenBlocksOnce the block has brokenblock.gravel.breaksubtitles.block.generic.break1.00.816
Block placedBlocksWhen the block is placedblock.gravel.placesubtitles.block.generic.place1.00.816
Block breakingBlocksWhile the block is in the process of being brokenblock.gravel.hitsubtitles.block.generic.hit0.250.516
None[sound 1]Entity-DependentFalling on the block with fall damageblock.gravel.fallNone[sound 1]0.50.7516
FootstepsEntity-DependentWalking on the blockblock.gravel.stepsubtitles.block.generic.footsteps0.151.016
  1. a b MC-177082

Bedrock Edition:

SoundSourceDescriptionResource locationVolumePitch
BlocksOnce the block has brokendig.gravel1.00.8-1.0
BlocksWhen the block is placeddig.gravel1.00.8-1.0
BlocksWhile the block is in the process of being brokenhit.gravel0.170.5
PlayersFalling on the block with fall damagefall.gravel0.41.0
PlayersWalking on the blockstep.gravel0.31.0
PlayersJumping from the blockjump.gravel0.11.0
PlayersFalling on the block without fall damageland.gravel0.171.0


Java Edition:

SoundSubtitlesSourceDescriptionResource locationTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
SplashingBlocksWhen a player creates a mud blockentity.generic.splashsubtitles.entity.generic.splash1.01.016
Bottle emptiesBlocksWhen a player or dispenser creates a mud blockitem.bottle.emptysubtitles.item.bottle.empty1.01.016
Shovel flattensBlocksWhen a shovel creates a dirt pathitem.shovel.flattensubtitles.item.shovel.flatten1.01.016

Bedrock Edition:

SoundSourceDescriptionResource locationVolumePitch
PlayersWhen a player[until BE 1.20.40] or dispenser creates a mud block[sound 1]random.splash1.00.6-1.4
SoundWhen a player creates a mud block[upcoming: BE 1.20.40]bottle.empty1.01.0
BlocksWhen a shovel creates a dirt path [sound 2]use.grass1.00.8

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierFormBlock tagsTranslation key
Coarse Dirtcoarse_dirtBlock & Itembamboo_plantable_on

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID FormItem ID[i 1]Translation key
Coarse Dirtdirt3Block & Giveable Item[i 2]Identical[i 3]tile.dirt.coarse.name
  1. ID of block's direct item form, which is used in savegame files and addons.
  2. Available with /give command.
  3. The block's direct item form has the same id as the block.


In Bedrock Edition, coarse dirt uses the following data values:

DV Description
0 Dirt
1 Coarse Dirt

Block states[]

See also: Block states

In Bedrock Edition, dirt uses the following block states:

Bedrock Edition:

NameMetadata Bits Default value Allowed valuesValues for
Metadata Bits
dirt_type0x1normal normal0Dirt
coarse1Coarse Dirt


Java Edition
1.7.213w36aDirt JE2 BE2 Added "grassless" dirt.
Grassless dirt functions exactly like regular dirt, except it doesn't grow grass.
Grassless dirt does not naturally generate.
When broken, regular dirt is dropped. It is not obtainable in the creative inventory.
?Grassless dirt can now be found naturally in savanna biomes.
1.8June 11, 2014Ryan Holtz revealed a new coarse dirt block, including its crafting recipe. "This will be a transparent switch-over in terms of world generation, as the coarse dirt block uses the same block ID and data value as the original grassless dirt block. As a result, even old worlds with the grassless dirt blocks should have them seamlessly change over to coarse dirt."
14w25aCoarse Dirt JE1 BE1 Added coarse dirt as a craftable and visually distinct replacement for grassless dirt. Due to having the same ID (minecraft:dirt with metadata value 1), all existing grassless dirt blocks "convert" to it upon updating, despite not actually "changing".
It could be tilled with a hoe into farmland.
It is now obtainable in the Creative inventory.
14w32aCoarse dirt can now be tilled into regular dirt.
1.1116w39aCoarse dirt now generates in woodland mansions.
1.1620w07aPiglins now barter gravel, making coarse dirt renewable.
1.1720w45aA shovel can now be used on coarse dirt to create a dirt path block.
1.1922w11aUsing a water bottle, splash water bottle or lingering water bottle now convert the coarse dirt into mud.
23w07aSniffers can now dig coarse dirt.
1.2023w12aCoarse dirt now generates in trail ruins.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.9.0build 1Dirt JE2 BE2 Added grassless dirt.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta Dirt JE1 BE1 Grassless dirt has been replaced with coarse dirt. It is now obtainable in the Creative inventory.
Legacy Console Edition
TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 31.0.1Coarse Dirt JE1 BE1 Added coarse dirt.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
1.5.25Coarse Dirt JE1 BE1 Added coarse dirt.

Data history[]

Java Edition
1.1317w47aThe different variant block states for the dirt ID have been split up into their own IDs.
Prior to The Flattening, this block's numeral ID was 3.


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