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"Minecraft Classic" redirects here. For the second phase in the development cycle of Java Edition, see Java Edition Classic.

Minecraft Classic is a JavaScript remake of Classic 0.0.23a_01, made to celebrate 10 years of Minecraft and was uploaded to the Minecraft website (built with Babylon.js library).[1] This version can be played at classic.minecraft.net for free.



The inventory with all available blocks


For data values of blocks in this version, see Classic remake data values.

Some blocks are missing, for example, iron block, obsidian and bricks. Also some blocks have the wrong textures, like the gold block.


  • Spawned by pressing G.
  • Oddly, they can walk past the world border. They will fall through the bedrock if they go too far.
  • They are client-side only and will not show up for other players in multiplayer.
  • The model is glitched - that is why the humans look short.

World generation[]

  • Generated terrain with hills and lakes, with small caves under the surface.
Generated structures


  • Placing and destroying blocks; switch between the two by pressing use.
  • Blocks don't waterlog like the one on the right.
  • Available to play with up to nine other players, but was temporarily disabled on May 8, 2019 due to performance issues.[2]
  • Press B to open.
  • Find and select all the different blocks available.


Pause screen[]

  • Ability to copy the URL link to give to other players for them to join.
  • For browsers that do not support WebRTC, the URL link and "Copy" button have been replaced with the "Save level" and "Load level" buttons.
    • Clicking on any of these buttons will show the text "<html>" instead of the buttons that allowed the player to save or load a level.


  • When exiting and entering the world, the top textures of all blocks that were at altitude became invisible.
  • The human mob model is glitched.
  • Unloaded chunks turned white.
  • The sea level in the game world did not match the sea level outside the world.
  • FPS counter is inaccurate on some browsers and will sometimes display bogus/random numbers.
  • Zooming in and out will sometimes cause a huge drop on FPS, this will cause an performance impact, and this will make all blocks disappear, and display an error icon.
  • The game can fail to load the player's current world and instead generates a new one. In this case, any modified blocks (even air) from the previous map are carried over to the newly-generated map, overwriting any otherwise-generated blocks.

Differences and inaccuracies from the original[]

  • General
    • Since this is a remake and not a port, the code, apart from the terrain generation code which is the only ported code in the game, is completely different from the original and as such there may be many minor gameplay inaccuracies.
    • Grass blocks seem to turn into dirt when in shade.
    • The remake version has an auto-save feature.
      • Because of this, reloading or exiting then reopening the website on the same browser will load the same world and seed, along with player-made modifications, provided that the browser cookies aren't cleared.
    • Physics are very different from the original.
    • New level format.
    • Block IDs in this remake do not line up with the original.
  • Human mobs
    • They have a strange appearance compared to the original version's humans, likely unintentionally as the result of an update.
    • They have a different, less random and frantic AI.
    • They can cross the world border, revealing that unlike the original, the bedrock and water beyond the border are actually tangible and are actual blocks rather than a rendered flat plane.
      • They will fall through the world after going too far.
    • They can be spawned in multiplayer, although they will only appear on the client side.
  • GUI
    • The blue gradient, seen in the inventory, pause menu and other menus in the original, is replaced with simply a transparent gray color, reminiscent of modern Minecraft.
    • The red gradient, seen on the crash/kicked from server screens in the original, is replaced with the same dirt background as seen on the generating level screen in both the original and the remake.
    • The font is slightly different, and is also rendered anti-aliased on most browsers.
      • The latter is because the font uses a .ttf fonts file rather than a .png image like the original.
Models on corner

Models stored on the bottom corner of the world, underneath the bedrock layer.

  • Graphics
    • Lighting is very different compared to the original, appearing more flat.
      • Oddly, blocks appear to have a slight shine when looking down at them.
    • The remake used the Noa Engine.
    • Anti-aliasing, making blocks look more smooth.
    • Block textures are stored separately rather than on a terrain.png file.
      • There are many filename oddities, for example iron ore is internally called "bronze rock".
    • Inventory/hotbar block previews are pre-rendered textures unlike the original.
      • Because of this, they appear pixelated at high resolutions.
    • Models are stored in the bottom corner of the world, underneath the bedrock layer.
    • Saplings do not show particles when broken.
  • Sound
    • Sounds are stored in .mp3 format rather than .ogg format.
    • Music can be enabled in settings.
      • Are the Volume Alpha soundtrack versions.[verify]
    • Many sound effects are missing.
      • There are no walking sound effects.
      • Breaking wool and glass uses the grass and stone sound effects respectively (The original used higher pitched versions of the grass and stone sound effects for those blocks.)
    • Breaking leaves plays a new sound that was not heard before in the original.
  • Multiplayer
    • There is a new menu when you start up the game, letting you choose a username, and gives you an invitation link to invite people to a server.
      • The invitation link also appears on the pause menu.
    • Other players take the same, glitched appearance as the human mobs.
      • The name tag above players is also more reminiscent of modern Minecraft rather than 0.0.23a.
    • The command set is highly limited compared to the original.
      • Consists of /list, /kick, /ban, /tp, /setspawn, and /help.
      • /ban is not mentioned in /help and yields a "Command disabled." message when attempting to use.
      • You can also use commands and chat in singleplayer, unlike the original version.


Classic 0.0.23a_01 (remake)
May 7, 2019Released JavaScript Classic 0.0.23a_01 remake.
May 8, 2019The code for the game has been updated.
May 10, 2019The code for the game has been updated.
October 15, 2019The code for the game has been updated.