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Chorus fruit is a food item found in the forests of The End.


A single chorus fruit will often drop when a Chorus Plant is destroyed. If a player breaks the stalk of a chorus plant, all the pieces above it will also break.


When eaten, a chorus fruit will fill 4 hunger points (HungerHunger) and will teleport the player randomly within 8 blocks of their original location, in a pattern much like an Enderman. The player will only be teleported to a solid block, and never into Water or Lava. A player must wait 1 second before attempting to eat a chorus fruit again.

The teleport mechanic of a chorus fruit is similar, but somewhat inferior to that of an Ender Pearl, because the player cannot target the location to which they will teleport. However, the chorus fruit can be more beneficial in some situations, because players do not take damage when using the fruit, compared to if they were using an ender pearl. Chorus fruits can be smelted in a furnace to create Popped Chorus Fruit.


  • The chorus fruit is the only obtainable food item in the end.
    • It is also the only food that gives players random teleportation abilities.
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