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Multiplayer Chat

A multiplayer chat snippet.


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Chat is a messaging system used to communicate with other players, or to execute commands. Several of these commands are configurable (the defaults are shown here).


By default, players can press T for keyboards, Chat button for touchscreens,‌[BE & edu only] or D-pad right for controllers‌[BE only] to open the chat.


The chat can be used to communicate with other players or run commands by entering text into the chat. The following types of content can be entered into the chat:

  • Regular text
  • Commands
  • Clickable hyperlinks
    • Hyperlinks can only be entered via the /tellraw command


  • The section symbol (§) allows players to change the style of the text. See the list of formatting codes for further details. This will not work on vanilla clients due to the fact that the section symbol is a restricted symbol.
  • On Bedrock Edition, certain emojis appear as icons in-game, such as the hunger and armor icons.[1] Other emojis and unknown characters appear as a question mark (?).


Main article: Commands

Players can also type commands into the chat. Commands are identified by the use of a forward slash (/) at the beginning of the message. By default, the / key will open the chat with a / already present to easily run commands.

While typing, pressing Tab ↹ autocompletes the first possible command or username starting with the letter(s) typed. If there are multiple usernames or commands beginning with the letter(s), a list of possibilities is displayed; pressing Tab ↹ again scrolls through the list.

  • Some commands may also have additional parameters that may be auto-completed by pressing Tab ↹ at that point.
    • Certain commands that handle blocks (/data, /fill, etc.) have parameters that need the x, y, and z coordinates of the target block(s). Using the Tab ↹ key when these coordinates are needed automatically adds the coordinates of the block the player is looking at.


If a nonexistent command is run, a command that contains syntax errors, or if the entity executing the command does not have permission to use the specified command, the command will not function. The entity that executed that command then receives an error message (only visible to them) that states why the error occurred.

Chat history[]

A player can access the chat history via a small scroll bar is on the side of the chat bar. The player can also scroll using the mouse wheel or PgUp and PgDn. The last 100 chat messages are stored. Holding down ⇧ Left Shift or ⇧ Right Shift and attempting to scroll up or down slows down scrolling. The player can view their own recently sent messages by pressing the and keys while typing.

In Java Edition, the chat can be reduced in size, the opacity may be adjusted or it may be hidden via the chat settings in the options menu. In Bedrock Edition, the chat settings are found within the chat screen and include options to change the color of the chat, its font, and its size.

In Bedrock Edition, swear words in multiple languages are censored and appear as asterisks.


Java Edition Classic
0.0.15a (Multiplayer Test 5)Added the chat system.
Chat is available in singleplayer, though attempting to send any messages crashes the game.
0.0.17aA chat log now appears when typing.
Chat is no longer available in singleplayer.
0.0.18a_02The characters \, |, @, and $ can now be entered into chat.
Java Edition Indev
0.3120091223-1Chat is no longer available due to multiplayer being made partially inaccessible in this version.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.9In private multiplayer testing, the chat system has been reintroduced along with Unicode support.[2]
v1.0.12Chat now has word wrapping.
Java Edition
1.2.4Added chat history and improved chat editing.
Links are now clickable in chat.
Text can now be copied and pasted.
When typing a player's name, pressing Tab ↹ will automatically fill in the rest of the username.
1.3.112w16aChat can now be used to enter commands in singleplayer.
1.7.213w37a"Saved screenshot as" messages can now be clicked to open the screenshot.
Added the ability to open a URL from the chat by clicking on it.
Names can now be clicked to send people private messages.
Added support for both hover and click events in the chat through /tellraw <player> <raw json message>.
1.814w02aMessages are now either chat, system, or action bar messages. Action bar messages are always shown, while chat and system messages are shown only if chat settings are configured to show them.
Some instances of usernames in the chat will now show the player's UUID when hovered on when debug tooltips are enabled.
14w03aChat communication has been improved.
Entities now have tooltips in certain chat instances when hovered over.
F3 + D now clears the chat history, including previously typed commands.
1.1116w32aSome warnings now appear above the hotbar instead of in the chat, like "Press [key] to dismount" had.
16w38aChat messages can now be 256 characters long instead of 100.
1.1620w15aChat line spacing can now be adjusted.
A chat delay can be set between 0 (default) and 6 seconds.
1.16.4Pre-release 1Added the social interactions screen, which can be used to disable chatting with certain players.
Release Candidate 1Added an option to hide matched names in chat.
1.1922w17aChat messages between players are now cryptographically signed.
Players are given a Mojang provided key-pair on startup.
Chat styling is now handled via server resource packs with the translation key chat.type.text.
22w18aChat from the /say, /msg, /teammsg, and /me commands are now all also cryptographically signed.
Servers can now define different chat style formats for clients, which can now be controlled by the server through the chat_type registry (found under the worldgen folder in the vanilla report).
22w19aServers can now enable chat preview, which displays a server-controlled preview above the chat edit box, showing how the message appears when sent.
Pre-release 1A chat preview is now also shown for chat-related commands, such as /say and /msg.
1.19.122w24aIt is now possible to report a player for sending abusive messages in the chat via the social interactions screen.
Pre-release 2Messages that are not signed with the Secure Chat system, or have been tampered with by the server will now be marked.
The trust status of messages are displayed with both a colored indicator and an icon - red (!) for unsigned messages and yellow (?) for server-modified messages. Hovering over the icon will provide more information about the trust status.
Chat signing is now enforced on new servers by default.
Pre-release 3Moved the chat scrollbar to the right of the chat window.
System messages are now displayed with a gray color indicator.
The msg_command chat type has been split apart into msg_command_incoming and msg_command_outgoing.
The team_name chat type parameter has been renamed to target.
Pre-release 4Insecure chat messages logged in the server are prefixed with a [Not Secure] tag.
The order of chat messages is now cryptographically verified.
Servers can now delete messages from clients after they have been sent.
Pre-release 5When writing chat messages, the signing status of the displayed chat messages is shown with a colored indicator.
The background of the chat preview will also display slightly faded when a preview is waiting to be signed.
The team_msg_command chat type has been split apart into team_msg_command_incoming and team_msg_command_outgoing.
Pre-release 6The colors of the signing indicators for sending a message have been adjusted for improved accessiblity.
Release Candidate 2Introduced a warning toast to clients on servers that don't enforce chat signing.
Release Candidate 3The chat input box no longer applies custom font glyphs with negative advances or glyphs with advances greater than 32.
1.19.322w42aRemoved Chat Preview.
Removed red (!) indicators on unsigned messages and made the bar gray. Modified messages changed the (?) indicator to gray and it is no longer displayed if only the style was changed.
Deleted messages are now displayed for 3 seconds, after that are replaced by a system message.
If the server requires chat signing, clients who have not signed their messages can now join and use most commands. Trying to enter messages and chat-related commands will show an error in chat and it will not be transmitted to others. Previously such clients could not even join the servers that required signing.
1.19.423w03aClients will attempt to sign the messages on server join, if it didn't already happen on client startup.
1.20.223w31aThe text in the chat box now scrolls when selected using ⇧ Shift and arrow keys.[3]
23w32aClients will no longer disconnect themselves when receiving an invalid chat message.
A placeholder message will instead be shown in chat.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.7.0Added the chat system.
v0.7.2Made some changes to the chat GUI, including making the "Done" button smaller, adding a button to show/hide the keyboard, and making the chat log visible when entering a message.
Added Unicode support to chat.
v0.7.4Support for entering commands into chat has been added. No commands have been implemented, however.
v0.8.0build 1Text being entered into chat no longer extends outside the chat screen.
v0.9.0build 1It is no longer possible to interact with the world when tapping on the chat button.
v0.10.0build 1The outline of chat messages ends where the message ends and is no longer the width of the entire screen.
v0.11.0build 1Added a "hide" button to the chat screen.
v0.12.1build 1Relocated the chat button to the top-middle of the screen in Survival mode.
build 7The player can now use chat while in a bed.
v0.14.0build 1Fixed being unable to use colors in chat.[more information needed]
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha the position of chat messages so they no longer cover life points, armor, etc.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta chat screen can now be closed by pressing Enter when no text is present.
Chat messages can now be muted.
1.7.0beta of player names are now highlighted yellow in chat.
Typing @ in chat will now show an autocomplete list of player names.
1.9.0beta notification is now sent to chat when a tamed animal dies.
1.11.0beta message "Press T, ↵ Return, or Gamepad Button8 to open chat" is now sent when the player opens a world.
1.13.0beta the ability to disable the chat prompt after entering the world.
?Added the ability to change chat color and font.
1.18.30releaseWhen entering a message in chat, Ctrl + ← Backspace will now erase the whole word before the caret, Ctrl + Delete will erase the whole word after the caret, Ctrl +  will move the caret to the beginning of the word before the caret, andCtrl +  will move the caret to the beginning of the next word after the caret.

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