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The Cave Game version of Minecraft was the first version of Minecraft created by Markus Persson, before it was officially renamed. Cave Game was based on an even earlier game that Notch had produced that was called RubyDung. Cave Game consisted of different-textured Cobblestone and Grass, but no other block types. The prototype was made to visualize how caves could be generated, hence the name Cave Game.


  • There were no game mode options. A player was placed in a flat world and was free to explore.
  • Pre-Classic can be played by setting the Minecraft Launcher to allow Alpha versions and then by editing a profile to use the very first version available, which is rd-132211.
  • Minecraft used to be called: Minecraft: Order of the Stone, but it was later renamed to Minecraft.
    • The name "Order of the Stone" was used in Minecraft: Story Mode for a legendary group of adventurers. This was probably to reference Minecraft's original name.


House rd-132211

House In Cave Game

World In Cave Game

World In Cave Game

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