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This category lists pages that have been nominated for speedy deletion. Pages must meet at least one of several criteria to qualify for speedy deletion (see below).

Only pages that consist solely of vandalism, spam, hoax content, or illegal content can qualify for speedy deletion, but only if these cannot be cured by reverting an edit. If there is any doubt that a page qualifies, do not request speedy deletion; use the regular deletion template instead. See the template documentation for a fuller explanation.

To nominate a page for speedy deletion, insert {{speedy delete}} (or the shortcut {{sd}}) at the top of the page (or below the redirect, for redirect pages). Please use the first parameter to identify which criteria qualify it for immediate deletion, e.g. {{speedy delete|vandalism}} or {{sd|hoax}}.

Note: despite that this category is a subcategory of Pending deletion, this category isn't itself a candidate for deletion. Please do not delete this category even if it is empty.

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