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A cat is a passive mob found in villages and swamp huts. They can be tamed and used to repel creepers and phantoms.


Cats can spawn every 1200 ticks (1 minute). A random player is selected (including spectators) and a random location is chosen 8-32 blocks away from the player horizontally in both directions and at the same height. A cat can spawn if that block is less than 2 chunks from a village with fewer than 5 cats, or inside a swamp hut.


Untamed cats spawn in villages as long as there are at least five claimed beds within 48 blocks and at most four cats within a 97×17×97 box centered around the spawn position. Cats that spawn with the creation of a village do not despawn, however, any additional cats that spawn within a village may despawn. A village cat spawns with a random appearance, although black cats may spawn only during a full moon; which works on both Java and Bedrock.[verify] The spawning of cats in villages is a separate process from the natural spawning of passive mobs and thus is not affected by the Creature mob cap.

In Bedrock Edition, a village periodically spawns stray cats to fill a quota of 1 cat per 4 owned beds, up to a maximum of 5 cats for 20 or more owned beds. Only owned beds (those currently claimed by a villager) are counted for this purpose. All cats within the village boundaries are counted, including kittens, cats that wander in from outside and even tamed cats owned by a player. If the number of cats found is short of the quota, the village tries to spawn one cat or kitten within a volume of 16 × 6 × 16 blocks centered on the village center. (This is the same volume used when a village spawns an iron golem.)

Swamp Hut[]

One untamed black cat generates alongside a witch inside swamp huts upon world generation. This cat never despawns. Additional cats can spawn within the hut similarly to witches; for this to happen, there must be grass blocks present inside the bounding box of the swamp hut. In Java Edition, any other cats to spawn within the swamp hut (from spawn eggs and commands without cat type set) always spawn as black. A new cat does not spawn in a hut if there is already a cat within a 16×8×16 block volume.‌[Java Edition only][verify]

Bedrock Edition[]

25% of cats spawn as kittens. During a full moon, 50% of cats that spawn are black.


Adult cats drop:

Upon successful breeding, 1–7 is dropped.

Like other baby animals, killing a kitten yields no item or experience.


Missing Model JE3
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The specific instructions are: Baby Siamese during 21w11a
11 cat variants

11 cat variants (from left to right): Tabby, Black, White, Persian, Ragdoll, Calico, Siamese, Red, Tuxedo, Jellie and British shorthair.

Tamed Gray Tabby Cat with Red Collar

The unused tamed gray tabby texture in Bedrock Edition.[2]

Tamed Baby Gray Tabby Cat with Red Collar

Baby version.

Despite sharing the same model, cats are smaller than ocelots. There are currently 11 skins that cats can have. One of the cat skins was designed after Jellie, the late cat of YouTuber GoodTimesWithScar, and was chosen by the community in a Twitter vote.[3] The current skins are:

  • Black Cat Baby Black Cat Black (black with orange eyes)
  • British Shorthair Cat Baby British Shorthair Cat British Shorthair (silver with yellow eyes)
  • Calico Cat Baby Calico Cat Calico (orange, white and dark brown with yellow and blue eyes)
  • Jellie Cat Baby Jellie Cat Jellie (gray and white with gray-green eyes)
  • Persian Cat Baby Persian Cat Persian (creamy with blue eyes and flat faces)
  • Ragdoll Cat Baby Ragdoll Cat Ragdoll (white and soft amber with blue eyes)
  • Red Cat Baby Red Cat Red (orange and white with green eyes)
  • Siamese Cat Baby Siamese Cat Siamese (white and pale brown with blue eyes)
  • Tabby Cat Baby Tabby Cat Tabby (brown and white with yellow eyes)
  • Tuxedo Cat Baby Tuxedo Cat Tuxedo (black and white with green eyes)
  • White Cat Baby White Cat White (white with light blue and yellow eyes)

In the default resource pack, a texture file for a tamed gray tabby exists.‌[BE only][2] It is however completely unused and cannot be spawned in-game.

Like tamed wolves, tamed cats also have a collar on their necks. The color of the cat's collar is red when tamed and can be changed by using dyes.


Cats are immune to fall damage, but they still avoid falling off cliffs high enough to normally cause fall damage.

Cats can see players even if they have the Invisibility status effect. With the exception of a faster movement rate, kittens have the same behavior as adults. They hiss at phantoms that are currently pursuing a player.‌[JE only] Creepers and phantoms avoid cats, even while pursuing a player, keeping a distance of 6 and 16 blocks away respectively from any cats. However, a creeper that has begun its detonation does not flee unless the player leaves its blast radius.

Stray cat[]

A stray cat is an untamed cat. Naturally spawned cats always spawn as stray cats. Unlike untamed wolves, stray cats may despawn naturally. They pursue and attack rabbits and baby turtles up to a distance of 15 blocks. Even though they spawn in villages, they don't necessarily remain there; instead, they explore.

They sprint away from any player within 7 blocks (unless the player is sneaking‌[BE only] or difficulty is set to peaceful‌[JE only]), and avoid players within 16 blocks. However, they slowly approach a player holding raw cod or salmon within 10 blocks, allowing the player to feed and tame it (see § Taming below). If the player turns too quickly or stops holding the fish within 6 blocks, the cat flees and does not attempt to approach the player for a few seconds.

Stray cats can be leashed.

Tamed cat[]

Cute kitties

Cats sitting on a lime bed.

Unless commanded to sit (see Taming below), tamed cats do not remain still for long and explore around the player.

A cat not already sitting attempts to get on top of chests, the foot part of beds, or active furnaces at the cat's current Y-level within a 4-block-radius square horizontally, and once on top often assumes a sitting position without a command from the player. A cat also occasionally attempts to sit on these blocks if the blocks are at ground level. A chest with a cat sitting on top of it becomes unusable unless the cat is commanded to stand. Cats that sit on their own can be ordered to stand, or they may get up if the player holds a raw fish nearby. The cat can also be brought down by removing the block or pushing it off. A cat can also be forcibly moved by attacking it. A cat does not sit on a block that is obstructed by another block above it.

Like other mobs, cats enter nearby boats, trapping themselves.

If a player is harmed by a hostile mob or a harming potion, but not by environmental damage, a cat sitting in proximity to the player stands, moves a few blocks from its sitting location and then resumes sitting.


When the player sleeps, tamed cats move toward their owner and sleep near them. When the player wakes, their tamed cats also wake. There is a 70% chance for a tamed cat to give the player a gift after they wake up, but only if the player sleeps at night (if the player sleeps during a thunderstorm during the daytime, or if the tamed cat has been ordered to sit, the player receives no gift). The gift is a dropped item from the cat_morning_gift.json loot table:

Gift Weight Chance 1 in ...
Rabbit's foot 10 (531) 16.13% 6.2
Rabbit hide
Rotten flesh
Raw chicken
Phantom membrane 2 (131) 3.22% 31

After a cat gives a gift, both the cat and the gift are located in the general area of the bed the player slept on, including on the other side of walls or floors.

If a player has multiple standing tamed cats in the area, only the tamed cat that sleeps on the player may provide a gift. If all standing tamed cats in the area are prevented from reaching the player (i.e. trapped in minecarts or boats), then in Java Edition each cat has a 70% chance of providing a gift while in Bedrock Edition only one cat may give a gift.


Tamed cats teleport to the player if they are more than 12 blocks from the player, except where listed below. It is possible for a tamed cat to teleport to an inaccessible location (e.g. under ice) and be injured or suffocate of various causes as a result.

A cat does not teleport:

  • If the cat has been ordered to sit.
    • Exception: The cat is likely to teleport if it is injured while sitting (it does not sit after it teleports). A dramatic example is if a cat sitting outside is struck by lightning, in which case the cat materializes on fire. This kills the cat.
    • Exception: If a kitten is told to sit, and grows up while the chunk it is sitting in is still loaded, it teleports to the player and materializes still sitting.
  • If the cat is attempting to sit on a chest, bed, or furnace. ‌[Bedrock Edition only]
  • If the cat is attempting to lay or is laying on a bed.
  • If the cat is in a minecart or boat.
  • If the cat has been attached to a fence post with a lead.
  • If the cat is in an unloaded chunk.
  • If none of the blocks on the edge of a 5×5×1 region centered on the player are transparent blocks with an opaque block below and another transparent block above.
  • If the player is in another dimension.
  • If the player is in water: The cat teleports to the player when the player leaves the water.
  • If the cat is in water: teleportation is unreliable. It may or may not occur.

Cat teleportation is completely silent.[4]


Tamed cat

A sitting tamed black cat.

Stray cats can be tamed using raw cod or raw salmon (see #Behavior for how to approach a cat). Once tamed, cats follow the player who tamed them. They do not despawn, no longer fear the player and purr or meow frequently. Like wolves, and with the same limits, they can teleport to a player who moves 12 blocks away.

The player can order a cat to sit/stand by pressing use on it. If the player is holding a raw cod or salmon when commanding a cat to sit or stand, the fish is given to the cat instead, causing it to enter love mode. Once in love mode, the player can command a cat to sit or stand while holding a fish. Cats also sit on certain things of their own accord (see #Tamed cat).


Main article: Breeding
Cats and kitten

Two cats with a newly bred kitten.

When tamed cats are fed a raw cod or salmon, they enter love mode. Breeding creates a kitten, and the parents cannot breed again for 5 minutes. The kitten has the coloring of and belongs to the owner of one of the parents.

Two sitting cats are unable to breed, but a mobile cat can breed with a sitting cat, in which case the mobile cat's owner also owns the kitten. The 20 minute growth of kittens can be reduced using raw cod or salmon. Each fish reduces the growth time remaining by 10%.


Feeding an injured tamed cat an uncooked cod or salmon restores its health by 2♥. Unlike tamed wolves, a tamed cat's tail is not an indicator of its health.


Java Edition:
Cats use the Friendly Creatures sound category for entity-dependent sound events.

SoundSubtitlesSourceDescriptionResource locationTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
Cat meowsFriendly CreaturesRandomly while tamedentity.cat.ambientsubtitles.entity.cat.ambientvaries [sound 1]0.8-1.2
(Baby: 1.3-1.7)
Cat meowsFriendly CreaturesRandomly while tamed [sound 2]entity.cat.purreowsubtitles.entity.cat.ambient0.50.8-1.2
(Baby: 1.3-1.7)
Cat meowsFriendly CreaturesRandomly while strayentity.cat.stray_ambientsubtitles.entity.cat.ambient0.350.8-1.2
(Baby: 1.3-1.7)
Cat begsFriendly CreaturesRandomly while a stray cat is approaching a player holding fishentity.cat.beg_for_foodsubtitles.entity.cat.beg_for_food0.71.016
Cat purrsFriendly CreaturesRandomly while in love modeentity.cat.purrsubtitles.entity.cat.purr0.70.8-1.216
Cat purrsFriendly CreaturesRandomly while tamed, sitting on a bed, and within 2.5 blocks of its ownerentity.cat.purrsubtitles.entity.cat.purr0.14-0.71.016
Cat hissesFriendly CreaturesRandomly while a phantom is pursuing a playerentity.cat.hisssubtitles.entity.cat.hiss0.40.8-1.2
(Baby: 1.3-1.7)
Cat eatsFriendly CreaturesWhen a cat is fed with fishentity.cat.eatsubtitles.entity.cat.eat1.01.016
Cat diesFriendly CreaturesWhen a cat diesentity.cat.deathsubtitles.entity.cat.death0.750.72-1.0816
Cat hurtsFriendly CreaturesWhen a cat is damagedentity.cat.hurtsubtitles.entity.cat.hurt0.650.8-1.2
(Baby: 1.3-1.7)
  1. 0.6 for meow1 and meow3, and 0.5 for meow2 and meow4
  2. Has a quarter chance to play over entity.cat.ambient

Bedrock Edition:

SoundSourceDescriptionResource locationVolumePitch
Friendly CreaturesRandomly when tamedmob.cat.meowvaries [sound 1]0.8-1.2 (Baby: 1.3-1.7)
Friendly CreaturesRandomly when straymob.cat.straymeow0.350.8-1.2 (Baby: 1.3-1.7)
Friendly CreaturesRandomly while a stray cat is approaching a player holding fish[upcoming: BE 1.20.40]mob.cat.beg0.71.0
Friendly CreaturesRandomly while in love modemob.cat.purr0.40.8-1.2 (Baby: 1.3-1.7)
Friendly CreaturesRandomly when tamed [more information needed]mob.cat.purreow0.40.8-1.2 (Baby: 1.3-1.7)
Friendly CreaturesUnused sound eventmob.cat.hiss0.41.0
Friendly CreaturesWhen a cat is fed with fishmob.cat.eat1.00.8-1.2 (Baby: 1.3-1.7)
Friendly CreaturesWhen a cat diesmob.cat.hit0.450.8-1.2 (Baby: 1.3-1.7)
Friendly CreaturesWhen a cat is damagedmob.cat.hit0.50.9
  1. 0.4 for meow1 and meow3; 0.3 for meow2 and meow4

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierTranslation key

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key

Entity data[]

Cats have entity data associated with them that contain various properties.

Java Edition:

Main article: Entity format
  • Entity data
    • Additional fields for mobs that can be tamed by players
    • Additional fields for mobs that can breed
    • Tags common to all entities
    • Tags common to all mobs
    •  CollarColor: The color of the cat's collar. Present even for stray cats (but does not render); default value is 14.
    •  variant: The resource location of the variant of the cat.

Cat variants

Main article: Cat/DV

Collar color

Main article: Cat/DV2

Bedrock Edition:

See Bedrock Edition level format/Entity format.

Advancement criteria[]

Criteria recorded for A Complete Catalogue advancement
Tamed Cat Criteria
Black textures/entity/cat/all_black.png
British Shorthair textures/entity/cat/british_shorthair.png
Calico textures/entity/cat/calico.png
Jellie textures/entity/cat/jellie.png
Persian textures/entity/cat/persian.png
Ragdoll textures/entity/cat/ragdoll.png
Red textures/entity/cat/red.png
Siamese textures/entity/cat/siamese.png
Tabby textures/entity/cat/tabby.png
Tuxedo textures/entity/cat/black.png
White textures/entity/cat/white.png


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS4)
PS4 Other
Where Have You Been?Receive a gift from a tamed cat in the morning.The gift must be picked up from the ground.20GBronze
Plethora of CatsBefriend twenty stray cats.Befriend and tame twenty stray cats found in villages. They do not all need to be tamed in a single world.20GSilver


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
Advancement-fancy-rawIt Spreads
Kill a mob near a Sculk Catalyst Monster HunterKill one of these 70 mobs near a sculk catalyst: Mobs that drop no experience are ignored for this advancement.adventure/kill_mob_near_sculk_catalyst
Advancement-plain-rawThe Parrots and the Bats
Breed two animals together HusbandryBreed a pair of any of these 25 mobs: A mule must be the result of breeding a horse and a donkey for this advancement as they are not breedable together. Other breedable mobs are ignored for this advancement.husbandry/breed_an_animal
Advancement-plain-rawBest Friends Forever
Tame an animal HusbandryTame one of these 8 tameable mobs: husbandry/tame_an_animal
Advancement-fancy-rawTwo by Two
Breed all the animals! The Parrots and the BatsBreed a pair of each of these 24 mobs: A trader llama does not count as a llama, and a mule must be the result of breeding a horse and a donkey for this advancement as they are not breedable together. Other breedable mobs can be bred, but are ignored for this advancement.husbandry/bred_all_animals
Advancement-fancy-rawA Complete Catalogue
Tame all Cat variants! Best Friends ForeverTame each of these 11 cat variants: husbandry/complete_catalogue


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The specific instructions are: Tuxedo kitten during 18w43a (including its tamed kitten), persian cat in 19w41a (see MC-163227) and cats and ocelots in 20w45a (see MC-203644)
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Java Edition
1.2.112w04aTuxedo Cat JE1 BE1 Red Cat JE1 BE1 Siamese Cat JE1 BE1
Baby Tuxedo Cat Revision 0 Baby Red Tabby Cat Revision 0 Baby Siamese Cat Revision 0 Added cats, which can be tamed from ocelots.
12w05aTaming ocelots into cats is now easier.
Cats can now be commanded to sit by pressing the use item control.[5]
Cats have now become immune to fall damage.
Cats now frighten creepers.
12w05bTamed cats now sit when right clicked with empty hand.
12w06aCats now have sounds.
Cats now try to jump on a bed if one is present.
1.2.4releaseJeb has now made cats "more realistic... probably more annoying".[6] They now sit on beds and also active furnaces and chests.
1.5preKittens now sometimes despawn upon becoming adults. This can be prevented by feeding them a fish once they are an adult.
1.814w02aBaby cat growth can now be accelerated using raw cod.
14w10aCats named using a name tag now display death messages to the owner.
1.915w38aAll cats – even unnamed cats – now display death messages to their owner.
1.1016w20aA cat spawn egg has been added, which spawn ocelots with cat textures.
pre2The cat spawn egg has been removed.
1.1116w32aThe entity ID of cats and ocelots has been changed from Ozelot to ocelot.
September 29, 2018Stray cats are announced at MINECON Earth 2018.
1.1418w43aTuxedo Cat JE2 BE2 Red Cat Siamese Cat JE2 BE2 The textures of cats have been changed.
18w44aAdded stray cats.
Cats have been split from ocelots into their own mob.
Cats are now tamed from stray cats rather than ocelots.
Cats now drop 0-2 string upon death.
Cats now scare off phantoms, sleep with players and give them gifts when waking up.
Tabby Cat British Shorthair Cat Calico Cat Persian Cat Ragdoll Cat White Cat Black Cat Seven more cat textures have been added.
Reimplemented the spawn egg.
November 19, 2018A vote for the ninth cat has now concluded and the texture has been revealed.
18w47bTuxedo Cat JE3 The tuxedo cat's texture has been changed to fix a bug where they had black legs.[7] However, the top of their legs are now also painted white.[8]
18w50aCats can now spawn in villages.
Jellie Cat Added a skin of the winner of the community cat contest, Jellie.
19w14aCats can naturally spawn in villages, in addition to during world generation.
1.1519w41aPersian cats now have a black nose due to MC-163227.
19w42aPersian cats no longer have a black nose.
1.16Pre-release 2"Jellie" cats now spawn naturally in villages.
1.1720w45aCats now have three legs.[9]
20w46aCats no longer have three legs.
21w11aSiamese Cat JE3 The texture of the siamese cat now have been changed.
1.1922w14aThe CatType field in entity data is replaced by variant with resource locations.
1.2023w14aTuxedo Cat JE2 BE2 The tuxedo cat's texture has been changed. The top texture of legs is now black again in order to fix MC-237556.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.12.1build 1Tuxedo Cat JE1 BE1 Red Cat JE1 BE1 Siamese Cat JE1 BE1 Added cats.
build 2Added a tame button for ocelots, so they can now be tamed into cats.
Bedrock Edition
1.8.0beta stray cats.
Cats have been split from ocelots into their own mob.
Cats are now tamed from stray cats rather than ocelots.
Tuxedo Cat JE2 BE2 Red Cat Siamese Cat JE2 BE2 The textures of cats have been updated.
Tabby Cat British Shorthair Cat Calico Cat Persian Cat Ragdoll Cat White Cat Black Cat Seven more cat textures have been added.
Tamed Gray Tabby Cat with Red Collar In the default resource pack, a texture file for a tamed gray tabby cat exists. However, it is completely unused and cannot be spawned in-game.
Cats now scare off phantoms.
Cats now sleep with players and give them gifts when waking up.
1.10.0beta Cat Added the Jellie skin.
Cats are now healed when fed raw cod and raw salmon.
1.11.0beta can now spawn in player created registered villages.
Population of cats is 1 for every 4 valid beds, which is capped at 10 cats per village.
1.20.40beta cats now make sounds when approaching a player holding fish.
Legacy Console Edition
TU12CU1 1.0 Patch 11.0.1Red Cat JE1 BE1 Tuxedo Cat JE1 BE1 Siamese Cat JE1 BE1 Added cats, which can be tamed from ocelots.
TU13Added a sound for hitting ocelots and cats.
TU14 1.04 Baby ocelots and cats can now be spawned by using Left trigger/L2 button/ZL button on an adult form of that mob using a spawn egg.
TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 3Baby cat growth can now be accelerated using raw cod. Other fish may or may not be effective.
1.83 Added cats as a separate mob from ocelots
Tabby Cat British Shorthair Cat Calico Cat Persian Cat Ragdoll Cat White Cat Black Cat Added new skins for cats.
Cats now spawn in villages and can be tamed with fish.
Cats scare off phantoms, sleep with players and give them gifts.
1.90 Jellie Cat Added the Jellie skin.
Cats are now healed when fed raw cod and raw salmon.


Issues relating to "Cat" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • The tuxedo cat is based on Jeb's pet cat, Newton,[10] who died in 2014.[11]
  • The Jellie cat is based on GoodTimesWithScar's cat, Jellie, who passed away in January 2024.[12]
  • In MINECON Earth 2018, Jeb announced that the community could vote for a 9th cat skin to be added with the rest of the other 8 cat skins. As a result, YouTuber GoodTimesWithScar’s cat Jellie won the contest and was added in Village and Pillage, making the second mob variation that was suggested by the community, the first being "Toast", a rabbit skin added as a tribute to a user's deceased pet rabbit.
  • Both calico and white cats appear to have heterochromia, which is an uncommon feature in cats making both their eyes different colours.
  • The calico cat skin's fur pattern resembles that of Winslow, from Minecraft: Story Mode, with the only differences being the eye color and the mirrored fur pattern. The episode in which the cat appears was released two years before calico cats were added to the game.
  • In real life, cats have been known for their ability to flip upright during a fall, particularly larger ones; though they still might be injured by landing. This fact is reflected in Minecraft because they are not damaged by falls.
  • The current Siamese cat texture is unused in Bedrock Edition.
  • In real life, calico cats are almost always female and the few male calicos that do occur are generally sterile. However, since animals in Minecraft are genderless, it's not odd to breed two calico cats with each other.
  • Persian cats in-game is the only cat variant that do not have snouts, based on their real-life variant.



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